Top iPod Touch & IPhone Games! (My Top 3)

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Hey you guys in this video i will be showing you guys my top iPod Touch & IPhone Games. There my top 3 in the app store as of January 30th 2010. 1. Call Of Duty World At War Zombies Price: .99 2. Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader(2010) Price: .99 3. Doodle Jump Price: $ .99 Doodle Jump App Review: Youtube Channel: Website: Thanks For Watching and tell me your favorite games in the app store. Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!:)
Video Rating: 3 / 5

My top 5 favourite ipod touch games to play on the jailbroken 1.1.2 The source for iPhysics:
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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48 Responses to Top iPod Touch & IPhone Games! (My Top 3)

  1. soccerzkillerz12 says:

    you should try gangstar miami vindication its $7:00 but it is worth it. It’s like grand theft auto. other then that the games are good

  2. akbk6 says:

    gay games

  3. asexualhomebuild says:

    whos making use of the latest map pack? wow i cannot believe how good it is! its excessively expensive however so i simply down loaded it on mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) last week. i’m gonna use the bucks i saved to get a new mouse

  4. KenyoArtz says:

    @ninganaruto21 dUDE I Don’t now why did i said that i was 12 iam 14 Now ajjaja sorry dude take care

  5. 666tomm says:

    your voice is annoying as hell

  6. ipodtouch2ndgeninfo says:

    @dennidodo ok thx ill try it soon

  7. dennidodo says:

    you should try minigore, it’s a very funny game. it’s definitely in my top 3

  8. mrwannabewriter says:

    you kinda scare me

  9. drfor666 says:

    Gasp how could you not like zombies

  10. ninganaruto21 says:

    @KenyoArtz ??

  11. sakinabumba says:

    your choices are all shit! sorry

  12. zawette says:

    no i dont mean it lol ure sound is good

  13. ipodtouch2ndgeninfo says:

    Yea I’m a kid and sorry about the crappy sound I found out why it was like that and thx for watching the video

  14. KenyoArtz says:

    i donot like much peace but i like beans lol

  15. teeheeshow says:

    the ipod touchh???

  16. ipodtouch2ndgeninfo says:

    what did you get yesterday?

  17. teeheeshow says:

    i just got tht yesterday itss tightt

  18. XXXTHEKINGXX says:

    got 1 and 3 gonna get 2 now

  19. 108Cotrcie says:

    another suggestion check the vid before u upload it then whe wouldt have to make the comment on your voice very very unproffesional as you can see no one will take a kid seriously with this sorry 4 bad english

  20. zync3008 says:

    he sounds for like a teenager

  21. zawette says:

    are u a kid??

  22. ipodtouch2ndgeninfo says:

    Thanks and thank you for the suggestion:)

  23. meowski916 says:

    hey bro, i dig your vids but i recommend stepping farther away from the mic or getting a better one. Cheers.

  24. CorZka says:

    Whats new asians playing Physics games

  25. pimpznip says:

    shes beautiful >The Ipod< not the girl lol

  26. Smaasha says:

    are these apps from cydia or installous?

  27. urdad51 says:

    cut ur nasty nails u fag

  28. yuvalpapo1 says:

    @davidgzmn12345 You right you dont have to say every thing you think about

  29. orangefunkfan says:

    ffvi! AWESOME!

  30. MLGproStats says:


  31. Skyzr1 says:

    you guys know you guys like her

  32. Redzoneps3 says:

    hey whats that playstation app????????

  33. 7pmiceli says:

    your mad cool, nice to see a cute girl doing one of these videos instead of some lame ass dudes who are fukn mad weird lol

  34. hardcorescreamokid68 says:

    do you use cydia to get the games?

  35. susanbasnet says:

    crack screen and u farted

  36. lilmitchit54 says:

    SWEET! a girl that knows a thing or two about technology!
    men we owe our respect to this fine specimen!

  37. naz6171 says:

    you so cute..

  38. Germanystyla07 says:

    poor ipod-..-
    what did youve done to get this crack in there??
    thought the ipod touch/iphone would be undestroyible

  39. TwoUpWeb says:

    WTF did you do to your screen. There’s a crack.

  40. PataJ says:

    0:28 funny farting noise hahahahhahaha

  41. iflrp says:

    you spelled retarded wrong..

  42. stokiecam says:

    omg bad crack

  43. moreno487 says:


  44. craigmenefee says:

    so so

  45. mtai3 says:

    wow cracked screen much hahaha put a screen protector on it

  46. IwontSay says:

    Honky tonky shanghai honky tonky shanghai

  47. SonyPspCompany says:

    is your ipod touch screen cracked lol

  48. davidgzmn12345 says:

    i find it funny how when someone says shes ugly he gets marked as spam and get a -6 but if they say shes pretty they get thumbs up.
    Both types of commet are inessesary and irrelevable to the vid, just keep your personal thoughts about her to you and comment about the vid.

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