BrickBreaker Game at 1181650 Points and 251 Lives

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I’m now at 1181650 points with 251 lives and still going strong. Went through all 34 levels some 69 times, and now on my 70th. Only a BlackBerry hard reset or a wormhole can stop me now. For basic BrickBreaker tips for the 8100, click . Someday I’ll add a post with lots of details on how I’m able to get such high scores. Thanks.
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17 Responses to BrickBreaker Game at 1181650 Points and 251 Lives

  1. PiercingTruth says:

    whats a wornhole?

  2. blankgamebeast says:

    please tell me whatr did you do to get all those lifes

  3. keith5579 says:

    14,540 and level 26…. I have a long way to go!

  4. vdeogmer says:

    Why did you have to mention losing the game? You made me lose the game!

  5. drewsky684 says:

    also, my version is different, it displays the points to the right hand side. maybe you just get more points on your version

  6. drewsky684 says:

    is there a way you guys are hacking this stinkin game to get more points. I got to level 17 with about 10k points and I was convinved that was the best that could be done

  7. lilwerths says:

    how you get so many points?

  8. xllama1x says:

    omg i had the best game ever (34×3 which is good for me haha) and that happened like it got stuck in the weirdest spot and never started again

  9. thegirlwhoo says:

    i’m at 260k right now, i’m working to get at least into the top 500 :) i’ll keep you updated. you’ve got some brick breakin’ skills, sir! :)

  10. mizorick says:

    I reached up to level 19 and scored 12800

  11. stanleyghost8 says:

    I got that 2 times in a blackberry pearl and once with a curve

  12. Jean5tar says:

    you sir…are the man.

  13. VantheMan89 says:

    damn i thought i was addicted 2 it i cant even pass the 15 level lol.
    damn well in my life im pretty busy so u should get a life(not in a mean way, i give u props 4 doingthis)
    but that dope well happy hunting

  14. Scabvertisers says:

    A worm hole is when the ball disappears completely, so that the game can’t be continued. See video “070812 BrickBreaker Bug Smoking Gun” (v=_qnuC9R5WYQ).

  15. ondamountain says:

    what is a worm whole

  16. Scabvertisers says:

    If I had gotten past the current #1 score, I would have stopped immediately. Any play longer than that tempts the fate of a random hard reset.

  17. jazzytey says:

    By now, as you already know, you’ve mastered the game and there’s virtually no way to lose all your lives (unless done on purpose). You probably also know by now the strategies to avoid the wormholes. So as long as your lives-to-deaths ratio keeps increasing, there’s no end in sight.

    Now the question is, how far are you willing to surpass the current #1 score by before closing the game and submitting your score?

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