2XL ATV OffRoad On Iphone NEW Gameplay

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Check out the latest game from the makers of the awesome 2XL Supercross which is out on Iphone with a hands on gameplay video.It’s a mobile racing masterpiece: 2XL ATV Offroad. New features include career mode, freestyle competitions and 5 player multiplayer! For the latest news/pics etc on this and other Iphone games news feel free to check out my new uk iphone games news reviews and videos site out at iphonegameruk.webs.com …Let me know what you think..Many thanx.

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22 Responses to 2XL ATV OffRoad On Iphone NEW Gameplay

  1. killmrmanson says:

    Can you listen to your own music while playing it?

  2. UltimateSkyes says:

    F*CKING awsome graphics

  3. MdxIxbM says:

    ooooooohhh green :P

  4. iphoneshareorg says:


  5. TheVanishzz says:

    hurt my head while watching it

  6. videoman223 says:

    @bountyhanz NFS undercover sucks balls though, the cars are nice but the handleing sucks so much dick it turns for you pretty much and makes you hit cars.

  7. RikenisR says:

    @jdogjr9509 look at instruction

  8. MTran0708 says:

    @dm1371 yep i just got it.

  9. dm1371 says:

    get it it’s now 0.99$ for holidays

  10. hockeyrox615 says:

    is it worth to get. Because it’s on sale for $1

  11. jakenator13 says:

    2 bak flip flick ipod bakwards and hold to trick buttons for a special trick

  12. jdogjr9509 says:

    how do u do the backflip, please answer

  13. movinon20 says:

    well think of it this way. the ps1 or n64 was about the same if not worst then this.

  14. bountyhanz says:

    but the longevity of the game dunt last long as compared to games like NFS Undercover, Enimo2 ,etc. Think about the longevity, playabiliy, before considering the graphics.

  15. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    Deffo agree with this and for the Iphone it’s pretty much ‘console quality’ that you can get.Rated 5 Stars on my site.

  16. BenJEMean says:

    for its platform, it might seem like a nothing special game, but having this good a graphics game on your phone with the quality of racing games that sell at £30-£40 on consoles is pretty good.

  17. bountyhanz says:

    A nothing-special- game.nt worth 7.99

  18. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    This is now out-Priced at $7.99/£4.99

  19. shazzam06410 says:

    graphics look beast

  20. Patrick7C says:

    Use the analog controls! Steering with tilt sucks!

  21. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    Should be out end of Sept all being well :)

  22. kooljosue says:

    when is it coming out?????

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