Angry Birds 11-12 HD 3 Stars Gameplay

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Angry Birds 11-12 HD

Angry Birds 11-12 HD 3 Stars Gameplay

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34 Responses to Angry Birds 11-12 HD 3 Stars Gameplay

  1. lesterdelapena says:


  2. 1998Brony says:


  3. TheRowie3 says:


  4. LedZepRoxClubPenguin says:

    95, 340 !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jackslayter19 says:


  6. nastehnedd says:


  7. notor001 says:


  8. Djpetegordon says:

    FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU – this level sucks! Keep getting 79000+, but not the elusive 80K required for 3 stars!

  9. AgentMcQueen says:


  10. gamer222ful says:

    nevec own

  11. kouras7suns13 says:


  12. edwinpks2 says:

    @theXprototype100 ever hear of google

  13. edwinpks2 says:

    @kouras7suns13 2011? read the date of upload dummy it was uploaded last year

  14. mechutrase says:

    Check this out: goo.gl8ONjl a contest with iPad 2 to win.

  15. kouras7suns13 says:

    point system?? really?!?! in a 2011 3rd person shooter?? baaaad…

  16. dragonbane44 says:

    Yeah, really easy killings

  17. TheArm97 says:

    4 people got RAPED by akrid

  18. xXBalagoreXx says:

    4 People thought this was AVATAR

  19. theXprototype100 says:

    is the pc version out

  20. milomaddness123 says:

    Looks fun

  21. MIXDJ3000 says:

    this just reminded me of the clone trooper in swtor

  22. 8MutantTurtle says:

    got a quick question….. do people still play online? i wanna know so i could get this..

  23. Leany19418 says:

    Nice video
    I played this game on my Xbox. Luckly i got Xbox for free!
    Want to know how? Visit this site

  24. stooddarkknight says:

    i wish i had this seriously i played the demo and it was awesome

  25. 0226ivy says:

    4 people wished they had this game

  26. devilantony100 says:

    the game is no doubt amazing the only only problem its toooo japenese this is were the american comme in for details because japense are amazing ppl to right storys and design but the butons icon or the health icon could of been improved still its a little detail but the game is awsome 8,7/10

  27. monkeydluffyzoloful says:

    mahalo!? :( take that written name off your videos please!

  28. monkeydluffyzoloful says:

    @SuperWaveShredder he might have been dying?

  29. war123ization says:

    if you look at the guns,, thats what the real life Famas from CoD looks like.

  30. poprestra says:

    iPad 2 giveaway. More info inside my profile.

  31. JeeOnFire says:

    the part at 4:52 reminds me so much of Final Fantasy 6 intro (you know, mechs walking in a snow desert), it would only needs Terra’s theme and BAM

  32. theSANDMAN1052 says:

    you name is MERCENARY CAPTAIN

  33. huevocartoonable says:

    @pariastabendesa YEAH RE IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!i have re4,re5,re umbrella chronicles

  34. Hayatekunai says:

    @chenbaosen no

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