Angry Birds Halloween

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Angry Birds Halloween

Halloween Angry Birds

Great new update to Angry Birds. Angry Birds Halloween. If you like my videos please subscribe. Will always have new videos ASAP!! Angry Birds Halloween 2-5 3 stars walkthrough Theme 2 Gameplay Tutorial
Angry Birds Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Angry Birds Halloween

  1. kenlab77 says:

    @i8bugs1 – It’s the internet… deal with it.

  2. fishfilet101 says:

    @PAvver i got 3 stars on christmas 1-18

  3. i8bugs1 says:

    @kenlab77 No need to tell people to go to hell or use the “F” bomb. It’s a game. Deal with it.

  4. jmckuen says:

    I’m changing the name of this game from Angry Birds to God Damn Birds, because that’s what you yell when you can’t clear the level

  5. jmckuen says:

    I just love how on the free version the stupid ads block the screen and then right in the middle of the game it goes to a stupid commercial. Also the bird that drops the egg is worthless most of the time

  6. AlexMangekyo says:

    102440 my first try…LOL

  7. Altair8801 says:

    The track is great by the way, I love it! Very uplifting, true Trance! I just hope to find a longer version than the 3 minutes 49 seconds radio version. Other than that, it’s great. Peace, love and trance! And lots of games! Ciao!

  8. Altair8801 says:

    Never mind, I found it! It’s Carry On by Wellenrausch. About this level, yeah I too thought it was a very though one. One of the toughest in Angry Birds Halloween. And yeah, I agree that the Halloween and Angry Birds Seasons generally speaking is harder than the first game. That’s true. But it’s only so that we have something to do, something to occupy our mind while the Rovio team is working on another surprise. At least I hope so! =)

  9. Altair8801 says:

    Name of the track, please?

  10. PAvver says:

    is it just me or are the holiday ones MUCH harder?

  11. rafofora says:

    106 490 thanks to this, thanks

  12. nachoatlas says:

    now, right here how to turn an addictive and entertaining game in a pain in the ass…

  13. Oduig says:

    I did exactly this about 50 times, then decided to look up a video. I watched it, thought ‘meh’, played again and got it in 1 try. Wait, what?

  14. kenlab77 says:

    Yeah… if ONLY the blocks fell like that. Spent 2 + hours doing the same fucking thing w/ 48,000 different results.

    Great job developers…. go to hell

  15. jgruberman says:

    Couldn’t get this forever… after watching this once, got 103090 on first try.

  16. SCHIZOPHRENlC says:

    This one is the worst, it’s the last one I have left and I can’t get it!!!

  17. TheNeXTStorm says:

    wtf i got 94890

  18. thevualtofbanks says:

    103k with this thanks.

  19. foxsxt911 says:

    zzzzz 99990…………

  20. kudjo24 says:

    u da best!

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