Assassins Creed 2 iPhone Game Video

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Assassins Creed 2 iPhone

Assassins Creed 2 iPhone Game Video

Follow Ezio as he travels to Spain to rescue fellow assassins being held under the guise of the Inquisition, only to uncover a Templar plot to sail west and discover the New World.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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45 Responses to Assassins Creed 2 iPhone Game Video

  1. keloplant says:

    Enter: goo.glk55ge and get your own iPhone 5.

  2. RandomCookieMovies says:

    I hate when he says Esio… God.

  3. PyGuy95 says:

    As a proud OnLive user, I lol’d when he said “high quality”

  4. miauticu says:

    Lol I knew Onlive brings a version for iphone taht is just for viewing videos and staying spec not for gaming or maybe I’m wrong

  5. liaaamcalvert says:

    Don’t bother getting this, OnLive is launching an iPhone app that lets you play games like Amnesia and Assassins Creed etc. with mid to top range PC graphics.

  6. Roboy12345 says:

    I like the brief pause he took after he said amazing graphics

  7. Masterrulaxx says:

    @FeistnFlink You don’t like it don’t get it simple as that we don’t want your opinion ;D

  8. sonicrocks942 says:

    @fatbrat09 They did a very long time ago. However, it had poor sales and it sucked really bad.

  9. sirroger11 says:

    @FeistnFlink its called graphics and only idiots play games for its graphics

  10. iGh0stAssasin says:

    @fatbrat09 apple did make a console and it sucked it was called the bandai pippin

  11. TheDonaldido says:

    @fatbrat09 You funny.

  12. juezna says:

    @FeistnFlink well… you can`t expect much, i mean, its a cell phone game, pretty advanced. Imagine, if today they’re able to use 3d tecnology already in iphones, they coud develop them in such way enough to make realistic graphics like the ones from the pc. Yes, the game sucks, but for an iphone, i think its real good.

  13. Ulikazu says:

    @fatbrat09 Apple already did? And it didnt go that well…

  14. AssasinsCreedBlog says:

    ubisoft failed at this presentation he ant even say ezio………

  15. nobodyaskin says:

    even ezio would not like this….

  16. Shadowinferno65 says:

    …this looks exactly like the DS version of the game…

  17. TheMycollect says:

    @fatbrat09 you mean apple?

  18. gamezonic says:

    @HORRORTV1 use the onlive app, it has assasins creed brotherhood to. onlive.c o mm

  19. HORRORTV1 says:

    Hmm no blood no gore, this is shit.

  20. dubravajecentar says:

    @copanda63 i lold XD

  21. Peetree777 says:

    To bad any assassins creed game for portable devices sucks ass, even bloodlines for the psp was such a disappointment

  22. GlobalCrisisMaker says:

    this guy cant even say ezio… and anyway the game sucks cock so whoever is watching this dont get it

  23. copanda63 says:

    0:27 looks like enzio just did a failed jump LOL XD

  24. copanda63 says:

    0:27 looks like enzio just did a failed jump

  25. MrDevin712 says:

    yay i did it!!!

  26. Mazgic says:

    Which dumb ass would not allow this trailer for a mobile game not be allowed to be viewed on you tube mobile? Dumb asses!

  27. turtleboy551 says:

    Okay so im loking at android market on my phone and want to preveiw it but the dumb asses at (who made this game) made it so you cant see on mobile
    Again WTF

  28. iTab4 says:


  29. pinanyikorogna says:


  30. danmalcatube says:

    cant watch on mobile?? its a mobile game. great marketing

  31. 05447222819 says:

    illuminati game fuck illuminati and game

  32. 99TheLeader99 says:

    It’s An Illuminati Game :@

  33. 2010masmr says:

    I Think It’s illuminati game

  34. donnyo618 says:

    Can’t watch video

  35. maximum1978 says:

    What the crap is this? Not available on mobile??? LOL

  36. gollumthedog says:

    dumb asses.. in Android market, can’t view from phone?

  37. INMATE2468 says:

    Wtf not ab on mobile….

  38. bouncyballblue says:

    Lol. This is the preview from the android market but it says “this video is not available on mobile”

  39. gabrielmarcal007 says:


  40. gogi1000 says:

    Aaw the last hours of these game were soooo boring -.- But i still wanted to complete it for some stupid reason >:(

  41. JMAnimaVoice says:

    @MultiUser2000 nope

  42. MultiUser2000 says:

    thumbs up if you watched this after completing the game!

  43. JMAnimaVoice says:

    @HANIBAL10000 yeah >D

  44. HANIBAL10000 says:

    fuckin awasome

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