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Avatar On iPhone

Avatar On iPhone Gameplay

Check out some gameplay from the now out Iphone game based on the movie Avatar. Avatar Rating: 4 / 5

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46 Responses to Avatar On iPhone Gameplay

  1. 97donkeyman says:

    I have this game and it’s freakin cool worth da money

  2. hasworms says:

    0:27 tarzan style?

  3. theVictorLippi says:

    the game looks amazing, but the frame rate sucks

  4. TimeGod12 says:

    I heard that the main hero dies in the end in this game and it has a horrible ending.

    Is that true ?

  5. joanjettpwns1 says:

    Beat this game 5 times…

  6. RickyHigham123 says:

    Im stuck in Chapter 14..
    Im in the mine and Im jumping across all of the containers but I cant find a way to go?! Anyone help please?

  7. Luckie1996 says:

    how did you filmed

  8. sicandmorfacbani says:

    ipadtap,info -
    if you want games for your ipad
    iphoneshare,org -
    if you wanna get some games and apps for you iphone for free

  9. 11Stormtrooper says:

    how can they only record from the screen?

  10. maluconovolei says:

    Looks gorgeous. Get a free app called Pandora box and it tells u when apps are on sale

  11. Indecom says:

    They are better than the ds at least.

  12. fireshooter009 says:


  13. sickasify says:

    realy upset about the grafics and what a rip but best movie ever!!

  14. cassandraschmeltzert says:

    This is a fantastic film, I managed to watch it online for free here: WATCHMOVIES4FREE |.| ORG

  15. BenJEMean says:

    lol i havnt seen half of the content in this video and im up to chapter 10

  16. Dragonwing16 says:

    the iphone graphicas arent the greatest are they?

  17. chitchut says:

    its out now, $9.99

  18. cinexstudios says:

    looks awesome :D cant wait!

  19. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    Hopefully before Xmas ;)

  20. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    This is now out in NZ/AUS Rest of the world around midnight local time tonight.Price UK £5.99 USA $9.99

  21. nofuckinglimit says:

    When does nova come out ??

  22. uknowidontno044 says:

    =O Wtf u didnt like clash of the titans =o

  23. sathapornchaisit says:

    really i thought dismount was a great free game

  24. nastolakser says:

    Be fast and win iPhone 5: goo.glk55ge

  25. quidax says:

    when I watched the werule review you were at level 11! :)

  26. jj97268 says:

    fuk you i love clash of the titans! fucken ass

  27. MrMangoMonster says:

    evry app video haz a top comment like who was watching this with installous on or
    something like that p.s. thumbs up if u agree

  28. HunterLeePatterson says:

    “you can go into your friends”…..lmao

  29. bono404ify says:

    Test and keep an iPhone 5 for free at fresh-phones(dot)com

  30. borntokill5000 says:


  31. SNAKESKATEteam says:

    What theme is this??

  32. ItsStefannnChum says:

    Amazing quality even at 360p!

  33. MrBrdek says:

    can you use apps on every ipod touch 1g 2g 3g 4g ?

  34. bestipodapps23 says:

    “guys see mine enter my channle sick apps”

  35. etiro01 says:

    twiter suck ;) not facebook! ;D

  36. 21edmarful says:

    @leanear21Br r u sure

  37. matt332251 says:

    i got flixster and i tryed watchin a movie and it said u need facebook i dont have a facebook!!!!

  38. MultiPuppylover11 says:

    @leanear21Br for free? if it is i dont believe it

  39. leanear21Br says:


  40. farrukhtahir says:

    Want to make and sell your own iPhone app idea? Download AppWizard to create your own iPhone application without ANY programming.

  41. SHAGMASTER99 says:


  42. hoi091997 says:

    Nr 1 sucks balls!!! X(

  43. sWeeTypWinCess says:

    Please Enter the Code ” avfst ” to Receive 500 MP. Updated June 18, 2011 . Please Enter! Thanks in Advance ! :D

  44. jirish700 says:


  45. themrbooboo6398 says:

    dont you hate when someone choose facebook or twitter as an app

  46. FlemingFelix says:


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