Battlefield:Bad Company 2 On iPhone Gameplay

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Check out some gameplay from EA new iPhone game Battlefield:Bad Company 2 . For the latest news/pics etc on this and other Iphone games news feel free to check out my iPhone games news reviews and videos site out at …Let me know what you think..Many thanks

In this video i show how to succesfully connect your Iphone/Ipod touch to your TV. First of all your Iphone/Ipod Touch must be jailbreak or else it will not work. i suggest searching for sp1r1t. Anyways, you will need a certain cable depending on your TV, most TV’s use composite AV cable which is basicly, yellow, red and white. While others use component which is green, blue, 2 red and white, this is per say high definition. i suggest buying this cables from an apple store because it comes with a charger,(links down below). so now you have your iPhone/Ipod touch connected to your TV, but nothing is showing, all you can see its videos, so here’s the trick, you gotta get an application from cydia, called -TVOut2 Mirror TvOut- this will allow you to see everything on your TV, heck, it even gives you options to perfectly align the Iphone/Ipod Touch to the edges of your TV. Needless to say, keep gaming.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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46 Responses to Battlefield:Bad Company 2 On iPhone Gameplay

  1. timonlammers says:

    How do you get the revolver for the achievement?

  2. presidentfresh12 says:

    Kinda Miss My Ipod touch, Sold it for a psp, which I dont regret because psp games are 30 times better than an ipod but, I still miss it

  3. Nickelbacks2000 says:

    on my ipod is so slow thats why i deleted the game :´{

  4. jarnobot says:

    Doesnt look that bad :D

  5. Liustares says:

    Nice game, weird controls at start but you get used to them after a while, great graphics and gameplay, well worth the price…

  6. hydro0228 says:

    no destructable environment, :( and you cant drive vehicles in multiplayer and you can’t drive a chopper, only a gun on a black hawk

  7. Norha820 says:

    is there destructible environments

  8. DevilmanAltair says:

    @kingofhanzhong1 yea almost on every game on iphone you get used of the controls after a litle its stupid that some people say that iphone games have bad controlls well i found controlls on iphone better then the psp one

  9. kingofhanzhong1 says:

    @DevilmanAltair if you played MC 2 and turn off the aim assist , get used to it and then play BC 2 with the default control is easy (or you must be a hardcore player so even this is the first time you’ve played a fps game on iphone you will play it well , just like me )

  10. HAWXF22 says:

    @MagneticLehrak Less than $1 US

  11. AntiCamperAssassins says:

    @MagneticLehrak $0.99 USD

  12. MagneticLehrak says:

    how much is this?

  13. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    Doodle Lab101 Promo codes USA up for grabs…Send me a message if you want to go in the draw for one..Hurry only 4 left so be quick if you want one :)

  14. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @hellfireinator All my games videos i post are for both iPhone and iPod Touch.

  15. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @hellfireinator It’s working it’s way around the world now.Out in NZ/AUS/ASIA.

    Midnight UK/EUROPE and around 11PM EST USA

  16. hellfireinator says:

    Also when is it coming out

  17. hellfireinator says:

    Cool is it just for iPhone

  18. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    Lara Croft,Aralon & Shadow Guardian videos uploading now so check back later ;)

  19. allan136Q says:


  20. cinexstudios says:

    looks amazing – gonna give it a try :D

  21. DevilmanAltair says:

    i just got and from the start it looked and feeled like bad company the menu the music everything well the controlls are annoying but i hope i get used to them well multiplayer looks good but 4 players are too litle

  22. iMcLain09 says:

    @AndrewFrutos69 it does

  23. AndrewFrutos69 says:

    Can anybody tell me if this works on iPad?

  24. aruizmart1 says:

    it does exist

  25. THEHELLHOUND456 says:

    tv out does not exist

  26. spaceunicorn1224 says:

    what channel on a HD tv?? PLEASE RESPOND

  27. donnydarko777 says:

    @everyone. Can you do that without jailbreaking your phone?

  28. ita10mbl says:


  29. TheCrazyMcnugget says:

    why do you have 2 nazi zombies? is 1 of em the map pack?

  30. morganraynerphil says:

    will the same work if I used the apple VGA cable..??

  31. tatowuz says:

    @darkrai122 Okay. What you need to do is go to the tvoutmirror app and select wheter split/mirror/video and see which one makes it not lagggg. Cheers.

  32. darkrai122 says:

    @tatowuz No on the tv it lags when I play shi no numa verruckt and nacht der untoten on cod zombies on the tv. in other words the tv lags not the ipod

  33. tatowuz says:

    @darkrai122 if it laggs while its not connected just go to the tvoutmirror app and turn it off.

  34. darkrai122 says:

    on my ipod it lags any tips?

  35. tatowuz says:

    @bye2alvin watch my other vids ;)

  36. bye2alvin says:

    dude u were shooting at a wall lol

  37. tatowuz says:

    @radicalone4 it is an ipod touch 2g

  38. tatowuz says:

    @jddj333 hey sorry, i was away for a while, at the bottom in the tv application there should be mirror uhm and other ones, the app has explanations read it. game is call of duty world at war nazi zombies and driver. it is an ipod touch 2g.

  39. Ruttie2 says:

    @jddj333 I KNOW i figured! But it seems
    there’s this RS-232 connection or somethin’
    that might do the job.

  40. radicalone4 says:

    Is that an ipod 3g or 2g? PLEASE respond :)

  41. jddj333 says:

    What game is that?

  42. jddj333 says:

    How did you get the T.V to run at the same fps as the Ipod! Mine is way lagy. You mentioned their is a option but what is it?

  43. jddj333 says:

    @Ruttie2 Component Av cables event component are directional cables. So they only go one way not the other! If you were to buy some av couplers, and find a display too ipod app in cydia. You may be able to but I highly doubt their is one.

    Although this is not the same thing you can use team viewer from the itunes store to display your laptop on your Ipod/iphone anywhere in the world! :)

  44. Ruttie2 says:

    Is there a way to connect the tv to the
    ipod? You know.. Vice versa?

  45. tatowuz says:

    @FluffyJFV depends on your TV. -COMPONENT- if you have green blue red connections on the back. COMPOSITE if you have yellow red white. its all on description.

  46. FluffyJFV says:

    Ok my ipod is jailbroken w/ Spirit…but i no effing idea what cable your talking about.. :D

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