Best Apps of the Week – 9.24.10

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Jessica Chobot features our gaming app picks of the week for your iPhone, iPod and Android gadgets. See the best iPhone and Droid games for your mobile phone and get playing!

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25 Responses to Best Apps of the Week – 9.24.10

  1. lauchafsx says:

    New App 2011 for iPhone, iPod and iPad:
    The Best Memory Game & Memory Technique Most Effective ®
    Great Idea !!!
    Palmistry Pro ® 2011 – Hand Analysis.
    Great App !!!

  2. shuhaab93 says:

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  3. kylespark41 says:

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  4. ne1410is2day says:

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  5. PSPgamercs says:

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  6. buddinmaplestory says:

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  13. Ajozeph says:

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  14. sornlol1 says:

    does any1 else here not even have a phone or care about the aps in this video?

  15. Johnny42320 says:

    She looks like Megon Fox!!!

  16. Phosty says:

    i would still watch this if she just stood there for half an hour

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  19. tazznrific says:

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  20. PiaGoryc says:

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  21. Wwezxz says:

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  24. funnnybones says:

    Download the app checkpoints then when you sign up for a free account type in the bonus code “funnybones” to get a free $25 dollar itunes gift card :) do it before the activation code expires

  25. rockmasterblackeye17 says:

    1:52 lol

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