Destructoid – Dreamcast Lives! More Marvel vs Capcom Characters LEAKED! Plus Game of the Year Nominations! – …

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Hey everybody, it’s time for another hump day edition of the Destructoid show! Today we’ve got a lot of news that should appease the hardcore gamer deep, deep inside each and every one of you. Sega is teasing a new Dreamcast collection for the PS3 and 360 that should allow us to relive all the good times we had with that console, without the hassle of dealing with a VMU. Platnium Games, the guys behind Bayonetta are working on another game with Sega, we’ve got new trailers for Okamiden, Ghost Trick is coming to iPhone, and the newest Humble Indie Bundle is live! Also, since it’s the end of the year, we’re doing our Game of the Year shows soon! Check out our full list of GOTY nominations at the end of the show. Last but not least, we see the return of my favorite segment: the YouTube comment of the week!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Destructoid – Dreamcast Lives! More Marvel vs Capcom Characters LEAKED! Plus Game of the Year Nominations! – …

  1. anoob100 says:

    just because of the stupidity of that comment im subbing

  2. risingfall says:

    4:21- nice purple eyebrows lolll

  3. Questionssm says:

    How do I shoot web?

  4. writheinpain says:

    Jon your shirt are so ugly my penis falls off and run out the door

  5. gerkky678 says:

    @youngu89 You can you just gotta unsub inbetween.

  6. gerkky678 says:

    The guy is so energetic, the girl is very dull.
    But she has some sloppy jalopees so I’ll stick around for 13minutes…

  7. ronch182 says:

    Tara, what kind of tea are drinking!

  8. jjantonellis says:


  9. plutoend99 says:

    @youngu89 then do it fagot :>

  10. Ghoulunatix says:

    @Alowishius Agreed.

  11. Kingofunrealuk says:

    That is the most generic video game trailer I’ve seen in my entire life… Jesus.

  12. merts487 says:

    The only mistake I’ve made after buying my Dreamscast was, buying the title Seaman! That was stupid! The best purchase for me however, was Shen-Mue! The story was great! I played the first and the second!

  13. mbe102 says:

    Wow, Sega finally realizes where its strengths are. Not shitty ass Sonic games. You had it soooo close with Sonic Advance. And I thank Sega for the fan service with Sonic the Hedgehog 4, but it needn’t be rehashed, rewashed, and redone Sonic 1, 2, and 3 elements. Make a game with things like it, but something unique, fresh, new, but not so unique like a Werehog… please god no.

  14. tranLAbolish says:

    Can someone please tell me what the game is from 1:33 ?

  15. martinaee says:

    I have a kitty named Sushi… we call her sushi-cat sometimes. When I found out there was an indie game called “Sushi Cat” I peed my pants lol!!!


  16. MangaNewb says:

    @yermomsboxx lmao

  17. Alowishius says:

    <3 Tara

  18. yermomsboxx says:


    Hahaha…silly boy. No one reads anymore.

  19. dogbowl1973 says:

    Why does baldy have to be there? Everytime his head pops onscreen it confuses my boner.

  20. MangaNewb says:


  21. ieatuforbreakfast99 says:


  22. Theicemonkeyjr says:

    Tera is awesome, the kinda girl id love to meet

  23. theultimaterockr says:

    @DoomTra1n I liked your comment even though you spelled ‘sentence’ wrong. lol

  24. HeyLookaSandwich says:

    Taras sooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooot!! XO

  25. Fulltonic says:

    youtube comment of the WEAK

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