Dungeon Defenders iPhone Game

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Dungeon Defenders iPhone Game

iPhone Game Dungeon Defenders

Check out the gameplay trailer for the upcoming iPhone game Dungeon Defenders:

Dungeon Defenders Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to Dungeon Defenders iPhone Game

  1. daepicjump says:

    on the pc better

  2. 14banksck1 says:

    I need help please!!!!

    I have a ipod touch 4g 32GB and the game crashes, when it says Dungeon Defenders First wave!

  3. GraveUypo says:

    this game looked awesome… before i actually played it.
    its pretty boring tbh.

  4. TheSpyChecker says:

    @animation508 then infinity blade. but even that is just a half game-half techdemo. but then,,,what about real racing 2? or just any of the new gameloft games built on gameloft’s own engine???? they look much much much better then this, built on a hardcore gaming engine from 2007….and im not saying theyre better, or that this game is bad. just get my point, please.

  5. animation508 says:

    @animation508 **than

  6. animation508 says:

    @TheSpyChecker I would also like to say that while epic citadel has better graphics, at the moment it’s just an exploration “look what I can do” type game. Where as this, which has depth and many different events happening at the same time, is much more complex and has a much heavier load. It’s like the difference between the opening for any game and the game itself, chances are cutscenes have much better graphics thab the game.

  7. animation508 says:

    @TheSpyChecker When was epic citadel released?

  8. TheSpyChecker says:

    @animation508 you obviously havent seen epic citadel. that game runs on the same engine. compare this to that please, and ull see how fucking lazy and careless the developers were with the best looking mobile engine to date.

  9. animation508 says:

    @TheSpyChecker conisdering it’s on mobile devices, I don’t agree.

  10. TheSpyChecker says:

    this game looks terrible with the fact that its running on the ue3…

  11. gssantospequeno says:

    @Hyper6664 i know and i will xD

  12. Hyper6664 says:

    @gssantospequeno then wait for the pc version :) or mac

  13. birdman3878 says:

    yea installous ftw

  14. gssantospequeno says:

    this game must be AWESOME! i want to play it, but i dont have a iphone :(

  15. RandomLoser21 says:

    @gssantospequeno anger issues. That just about sums you up. Btw you’re only saying that because you don’t like the game.

  16. gssantospequeno says:

    @RandomLoser21 u suck as your name says……… warcraft 3 is just for losers and nerds who doesnt have enough skills or balls to play other games

  17. AxeBond5 says:

    @sajti111 yes this game will be an online game and you can play a “local” so you can play by yourself if you wish

  18. Adrian890722 says:

    omg looks ace cant wait

  19. sajti111 says:

    this game is online game?
    or have a singleplayer mod?:O

  20. RandomLoser21 says:

    Warcraft 3 the frozen throne online.

    Enough said.

  21. hellfireinator says:

    Holy shit can’t wait for the iPad version

  22. Gilgadood says:

    @DevilmanAltair I got to agree im looking forward to this, Im not a huge fan of tower defense, but adding action like this makes it interesting. And cross platforming just sealed the deal.

  23. MrLuigui14 says:

    I think this is wow?

  24. rshrott says:

    good game

  25. DevilmanAltair says:

    holy shit, online-tower defend-action-role playing game………AWESOME and cross platform gaming throught pc-iphone !!

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