Froggy Jump Official Trailer

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Froggy Jump

Froggy Jump

Jump with your Frog into the air and begin the journey to the galaxy and beyond! BE THE FIRST TO REACH THE ALIEN PLANETS AND THEY WILL BE NAMED AFTER YOU IN THE NEXT UPDATE! Just tilt your device to control your Frog and jump from the platforms higher and higher. Score high and compete against others through OpenFeint! Meet the alien frogs in the sky and reach new achievements as you go higher. FEATURES – bouncy, moving, disappearing and spiky platforms and more surprises – space rockets, shields, head-bucket, safety laser and more items to collect – air-balloons and bio gas-fire to fly you higher – more than 15 achievements to collect – numerous enemies to beat and avoid – you can jump on monsters to bring them down – ingame shop to pimp your frog and to get higher than infinity – choose from the clothes in the shop to dress your frog as you like – find free gems ingame or buy online to be the number one – OpenFeint support to compare your score to others and track your achievements – Easy to play hard to master gameplay Warning: extreme addiction is inevitable!

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25 Responses to Froggy Jump Official Trailer

  1. 00k3v1n3100 says:

    Lol I hacked it

  2. MgEliteRunner says:

    im at 2 million and still going with no sight of the last two planets

  3. marioom25 says:

    Any one know what methane propulsion do to the froggy?? Pls help and what is the best item to buy

  4. MrKennjenn says:

    thumbs up if you have the birthday theme

  5. 97268324 says:

    I’m pretty annoyed that if you change your phones the high score, boss eliminated and letter game stats ain’t saved, worse of all, all gems and bought items are refreshed and I have to start all over again.

    I accumulated, probably over 100 gems with many items bought, its pretty frustrating as I started playing when the game first came out on Android, now its impossible to get up to the rank I had before..

  6. condition145 says:

    Nice after effects work and decent work on the score(Soundtrack) .

  7. pernefalk123 says:

    i got this on android n when try to buy them gems it only says ‘check your mobile’ something like that… what do i have to do to be able to buy gems?


  8. jamie9609 says:

    i just got 231348 points if u dnt believe me add me V-_-JAMIE-_-V

  9. gloria908 says:

    how is it possible to get to 6 million!? ..the way i see it that’s going to be a whole hour of non-stop playing O.O … and anyway, does the game ever end? like, for example, you reach 10 million and it says “congrats, you don’t have a life” or something? :D

    aside from that, froggy jump’s had a weird effect on me.. whenever i see a frog i feel like launching it into space :?

  10. SaliusenEx says:

    I bought some gems in this game, then my iphone broke and I bought a new one, is there any way to restore the equpiment I had?

  11. TheJoppemin says:

    Ppl what do the gold clothes do? Do they count as 9 gold bars?

  12. worldbmx says:

    I love the game!

  13. krayolaLive says:

    i cant get past 150k :( mainly because i can’t afford a spike shield yet maybe in a few weeks of saving gems..

  14. Matt2198 says:

    Just wondering is it supposed to get glitchy after 4.5 million, because after i past about there the frog sometimes jumped a bit higher and kept getting stuck on nothing,
    when i say stuck it was like being on the openfeint, news and shop button on the main menu, but i could slide the whole way across without falling

  15. QuantumTap says:

    how do i get into online competitions

  16. ThisIsAtomic says:

    I am chosen to launch frogs to the other side of the universe!? No wonder I love this game!

  17. FastAndFurious005 says:

    What are the secret achievements on this from Openfeint? I’d greatly appreciate an answer.

  18. fraztown says:

    just bought this game and its freaking addicting lol and this video is awesome lol

  19. invictusgames says:

    Please contact us via email at: support at
    We’ll be happy to help you.

  20. TheMoneyTable says:

    Hi i bought gems some time ago but when it took the money from the account i didnt get any gems? can you please respond…

  21. JennelleBelle says:

    yo you need to make a refund option in your gem shop! i think its funner to save the gems from playing rather than to buy them with your own cash and i just needed one more for the auto rocket. then my 8 yr old goes in and spends them ALL on hats and dumb shit! i want my gems back:(

  22. JooJ19 says:

    Nice game

  23. carlosvillovela1992 says:

    today i reached 250000

  24. OhMyGodBehindYou says:

    Great job, Invictus! Froggy Jump and Froggy Launcher are great games :)
    OpenFeint name: Fitshace ( first to reach a score of 1 million at Froggy Launcher)

  25. geckoyish says:

    Lol I suck at froggy jump high score = 50k

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