Gameloft Podcast – Gameloft Podcast #14

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Gameloft video podcast#14 with the iPhone and iPad games: Fast Five: The Movie Official Game, Order & Chaos Online, Green Farm, Let’s Golf 3, and iPad games Starfront: Collision and Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, and some news about the Asphalt Audi RS 3 contest winner! Official site: Friend us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter: Visit our blog:

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25 Responses to Gameloft Podcast – Gameloft Podcast #14

  1. ednigma12 says:

    her voice has changed alot

  2. XSasuke017X says:

    @italianstalian200 yes shes on and hosts the daily show :)

  3. italianstalian200 says:

    @happyloser362 shes on IGN i think

  4. schnockerface says:

    where? IGN!!

  5. slampog says:

    @happyloser362 IGN!

  6. xneear says:

    Will there be another real tennis?

  7. happyloser362 says:

    why did she leave?

  8. killer42destroy says:

    Lol the monkey has a iPhone and is hitting it on a pot

  9. amir196N says:

    When will the BackStab on iOS?When does 9mm comes out?

  10. IpodGameloft says:

    When are you guys going to make more podcast and is there going to be a upgrade on Modern Combat 2 ?

  11. dudeof123 says:

    Will this come for android?

  12. MasterNinjaTerrorist says:

    Wait, May is over. But no podcast 15? Either they are waiting for something huge or the podcast is canceled.

  13. mfbballer says:

    Next podcast??

  14. pasweet90 says:


  15. bnatesgamer says:

    @gameloft what about nova elite? whats that about?

  16. MetalHeadMarc3 says:

    IGN!!!!!! :O

  17. mfbballer says:

    MC3, were is it please people

  18. MrMeatballzzz says:

    Bahaha nice dancing :p

  19. BoxChar says:

    @gameloft make it free much better then wow ;)

  20. BoxChar says:

    MC3 :ddd

  21. frankieslice says:

    Will you guys be adding mounts to Order&Chaos? walking arounds a real pain !

  22. MistrzKubica says:

    noooo, don’t get rid of naomi.

  23. MistrzKubica says:

    noooo, don’t get rid of naomi.

  24. o0YumRamen0o says:

    Naomi left for IGN’s Daily Fix?
    That means Jessica Chobot isn’t coming back for Daily Fix…noooo

  25. slannmage says:


    I just want something original from Gameloft that is designed for a touch screen, rather than a rip off of a console game that doesn’t suit the touch screen.

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