Gameloft Podcast – Gameloft Podcast #15

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Gameloft video podcast 15 with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad games: 9MM, Order and Chaos Online, Green Farm, Let’s Golf 3, BackStab, Silent Ops, GT Racing Motor Academy Free Plus, and Block Breaker 3 Unlimited! Official site: Friend us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter: Visit our blog:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dragon Fantasy by The Muteki Corporation Old heroes never die, they just go bald. From Muteki Corporation, creators of Battle of Pirate Bay and developers of many well-loved iOS titles comes our latest game, Dragon Fantasy. Experience an all-new adventure on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch! Join Ogden, a hero who’s been written off as past his prime as he goes on a new adventure to reclaim his past glory. Engage in battle with dozens of strange, silly and scary monsters in the caves, castles and dungeons of an ancient evil. Meet warriors, princes, pirates, zombies and crazy old woodsmen in an epic journey that’s not quite like any RPG you’ve played before. Authentic 8-bit artwork and an original soundtrack by renowned Bay Area 8-bit musician, Crashfaster keeps the game true to its retro roots. iTunes Store Page: Homepage:
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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25 Responses to Gameloft Podcast – Gameloft Podcast #15

  1. DeepWhiteMusic says:

    she’s sweet :)

  2. yoh7100 says:

    @LavaFlaminG6 IGN

  3. CATCHINsomeZs says:

    She went to IGN

  4. LavaFlaminG6 says:

    Where exactly did Naomi go?

  5. bakerfan2 says:

    im sorry but noami was better ;(

  6. kevin305888 says:

    @gameloft I sincerely love gameloft for making my favorite games for iphone so i can play on the go. But i’ve always wondered how come you guy can’t get sued for making clones of some famed games.How did you manage to make clone games of a large company like blizzard without getting sued. i dont want to sound mean but games like order and chaos online, starfront, and dungeon hunter are clones of world of warcraft, starcraft and diablo. (ex.eternal legacy=final fantasy, gt academy= gran turismo..

  7. MrRymax07 says:

    Want to see wipeout style game please :). Oh love the games but toooo short some of them..

  8. morell21212 says:

    PLEASE MAKE GAMES for Eee Pad Transformer TF10

  9. morell21212 says:

    PLEASE MAKE GAMES for Eee Pad Transformer TF101

  10. gameloft says:

    @TheHammerhead98 Hello,

    Sorry to hear that happened but it’s a good thing you still have your receipt. Just contact our support services at the following address: and they will try to help you.

    Good luck!:)

  11. TheHammerhead98 says:

    Hey Gameloft just a quick question i recently got the MC2: BP map pack then accidentally deleted the game. I tried to restore purchase but it doesnt work. I have a copy of the receipt to prove my purchase, is there a email adress or something i could contact to help me with my problem?

  12. xneear says:

    could gameloft pls make a chat on starfront for online mode?

  13. xneear says:

    Could gameloft make a chat on starfront online mode

  14. xneear says:

    Will there be another real tennis?

  15. MrSqueevoot says:

    Haha, feel sorry for the people who still have 2nd gen devices!

  16. Fadoosh12 says:

    Vanessa is better than noami i swear shes really good at acting and speaking :)

  17. 000pppati000 says:


  18. Techn0neko says:

    I wonder why game loft hasn’t made a class based shooter yet

  19. FlorianVs99 says:

    Gameloft, please make New Action Games for iPod Touch 2. I cant Download the New Apps. Please think about it!!!!!

  20. TheHammerhead98 says:

    For future FPS (such as MC3 if it appears), something that will get fans to love you even more…would be something like killstreaks, E.g 6 killstreak and you get a airstrike or missile barrage or artillery strike or something. This would make the games from 210% awesome to 310% awesome!!

  21. NewRoadTV says:

    Dear gameloft about 9mm is it free roam? If you make it free roam that would be awesome!

  22. dasuperJ says:

    a new co-host? its because the old one was promoted to IGN, right? lol

  23. adamka97 says:

    I hate u gameloft …..
    Pleeeease port games to iPod touch 2g and 3G 8g again and i can love u again pleeeeeeaasssssseeee…………
    Really Pleassee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 18matts says:

    I’m excited for you too ;)

  25. Zombeasty says:

    OMG She is hotter then the last co host!!!!

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