Gesundheit HD – iPad 2 – US – HD Gameplay Trailer

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Gesundheit! HD by Konami Digital Entertainment ★★★★★ An Amazing New Adventure unlike anything else on iOS ★★★★★ Launch Special 50% Off for a very limited time. ‘Gesundheit! (HD) tells the story of an odd little pig with allergies – the runt of the litter, who narrowly escapes being captured when monsters invade his village, and -finding courage he never knew he had – sets out to rescue his friends. You control our curly-tailed hero on his quest across 40 unique and increasingly challenging action-packed levels filled with mildly gross humor that will appeal to all ages. An innovative and exciting new addition to the Konami family of award-winning games, Gesundheit combines extraordinary hand-drawn visuals and animation with an original music score to create a vibrant and colorful world where cute characters face off against wacky monsters, pigs will fly, and snot happens! GESUNDHEIT! (HD) Features: ✭ HD Quality Graphics & Cinematics Vibrant colorful, console-quality high definition textures and graphics. Gesundheit’s story unfolds through HD cinematic sequences throughout the game. ✭ Incredible Touch-Screen Controls Possibly the most intuitive touch screen controls yet seen, requiring no on-screen buttons or virtual D-Pads. ✭ Awesome Character Upgrades Earn Super-Charged Snot power-ups to help you on your quest. ✭ An Original Soundtrack An completely original soundtrack that will have you humming along for days ✭ Game Center Support Unique achievements to
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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