Infinity Field On iPad 2 Gameplay

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Check out some gameplay from the new iPhone/iPad game Infinity Field. For the latest news/pics etc on this and other iPhone games news feel free to check out my iPhone games news reviews and videos site out at …Let me know what you think..Many thanx

In this Vodcast we give you a quick tour of E3 and bring you interviews with developers, as well as Chris Kohler from Wired, Mike from Joystiq, and former IGN Gear editor Gerry Block. Visit for more

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7 Responses to Infinity Field On iPad 2 Gameplay

  1. Dark12987 says:

    nices ending rofl

  2. standup0000 says:

    what game is 3:02

  3. GenericName007 says:

    Am I seeing things, or were there ninja turbles in that Ninja Gaiden video in the background? lol

  4. IPGN says:

    7:45 is iRunner from Red Rocket Games, and 7:50 is Castle of Magic from Gameloft

  5. kickinit619 says:

    what iphone apps are 7:45-7:50

  6. guyhimmel says:

    Awesome video, you should make more videos that articles

  7. techdeckmastar says:

    HAHA nice intro :) great show

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