Iphone Game – Make Me Happy

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Iphone Game – Make Me Happy

Iphone Game – Make Me Happy developed for the 360iDev Game Jam (gamejam.360idev.com).The topic was “Change the world”. We try to make a better world so why don’t we just start by making people happy?
Iphone Game – Make Me Happy Rating: 5 / 5

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14 Responses to Iphone Game – Make Me Happy

  1. RandomlyDevin says:

    Looks great! Will it be free or paid on the app store?

  2. 97talib says:

    I got 288 in zen mode

  3. Ruzzlebee says:

    mine is exactly 500

  4. garciaezra says:

    304 thats weak mines 804

  5. mchlee159357 says:

    the screen capturing was lagging and slower, hence the time difference. he did not hack or cheat

  6. asd19991 says:

    you need a faster ipod because you have had 10 seconds more than normal time. (the game is started at 0:02 and ended at 1:42).
    You have done many good combos but i don’t think that someone may go over 300 with the normal time (exept in a really lucky and rare game maybe)

  7. bb33nnii says:

    fuck this song

  8. TeMaNiNJa0Yuval says:

    nice one! look my vid

    1135 high score in arcade mode

  9. RotundRiceRockets says:

    On zen mode i got around 450…

  10. WinsomeInk says:

    If he acquired the “display recorder” on Cydia, it means that his iphone is jailbroken, and that is why people are able to score the higher scores. They artificially slow down the game, in order to get the high point combos… or something to that effect.

  11. r0tt1ng says:

    sick slicing timing ;)

  12. ali87811 says:

    i’ve got 344 in zen mode and i can’t get more but i will never give up

  13. ETspace says:

    hate the background music…so disturbing

  14. poncycars says:

    how do you take the video?!?

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