I Dig It Expeditions On Iphone Gameplay

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Check out some gameplay from the now out Iphone game I Dig It Expeditions. For the latest news/pics etc on this and other Iphone games news feel free to check out my new Iphone games news reviews and videos site out at iphonegameruk.webs.com …Let me know what you think..Many thanks
Expeditions On Iphone Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to I Dig It Expeditions On Iphone Gameplay

  1. CrzayMazy says:

    What is the drill upgrade supposed to do?

  2. Andersson247 says:

    @crestinortodox4ever its a huge map with many rooms as the ice map antrarctia you will need many dynamites i used about 30 if i remember right but not every one was the right way 2 ofcource took me 04:14:12 to finish the map

  3. Andersson247 says:

    Hi, i wounder how to find the dev heads i have almost finished everything on all 3 destinations but have found none. and in the museum the last page is More apps what is that? would be really happy if somewun could tell =)

  4. crestinortodox4ever says:

    Played this game and done it all except the Oceanic one, the one in the water. Can’t find the “strange object”. Tried all sorts of dynamites in various places but no luck. Can anyone plz. help me on this one?

  5. 666weston09 says:

    How do u find the profsser

  6. crestinortodox4ever says:

    anybody know how to find the professor?

  7. jeter1776 says:

    Yo dude how do you beat Antarctica

  8. Lilsurecanrun says:

    I love this game and am obsessed as well….Having trouble getting those journal pages too….what bad stone, how can you tell? Any special dynamite? I am so confused!

  9. gabyeminemyoo says:

    way more better than mother load boratscape1…. i have i dig it (first version) from jully when it came in app store) and i can’t wait to buy the second versio (the one from this video)…this is an extended version of i dig it (v1), with a lot of new features, like underwater, ice maps, opponents, saving the game, see the whole map with your tunnels… it is 2.39 Euro in app store, and it is worth every cent..

  10. boratscape1 says:

    can i say…motherload ftw?

  11. gaara5500 says:

    i know it
    u must try to place your cracks next to the bad stone

  12. Afrodude216 says:

    good video, i have this app as well. I am having trouble beating the antarctica expedition. how do you get the journal pages? i have tried dynamting the walls around them. i tried dynamiting the places with cracks but still got nothing. any ideas? thanks

  13. MRK95 says:

    Great vid, Great game.

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