iTraceur Parkour Freerunning On iPhone

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Check out some gameplay from the new iPhone Parkour game called iTraceur Parkour Freerunning.

iTraceur Parkour Freerunning On iPhone Rating: 4 / 5

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32 Responses to iTraceur Parkour Freerunning On iPhone

  1. florinmvk says:

    @THODNA monkey vault:D monkeys like bananas:D

  2. THODNA says:

    Concept is good, but the graphics don’t really work, the character looks way too real for his environment. I’m also curious about the bananas in the top right corner, what does that have to do with Freerunning?

  3. Aj4iraq says:

    Its fucking amazing

  4. TheWHiteHandcz says:

    looks boring to me

  5. my1past1is1ur1future says:

    sooo awsome man. the soundtrack is suitable too :p

  6. jonbond00 says:

    looks fun

  7. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    This is out now!! Priced at £1.19/$1.99.

  8. gennkill says:

    How the heck can u put 2 wii motes I wanna fight my buddy on the same device!!

  9. DJFingerboarder says:

    can u do it on an ipad?

  10. Sumonebody says:

    What a nice acceint, west country, and great background music

  11. lalamike25 says:

    @flamingwolfz you said he’s like 9?? You can’t even spell replied! Lmao

  12. lemuralex13 says:

    @xxchimakaraxx No, the wiimote comes with bluetooth built in and that’s all that’s needed for this to work.

  13. xxchimakaraxx says:

    @xxchimakaraxx sorry I meant wiimote, not winkler (stupid iPhone autocorrect)

  14. xxchimakaraxx says:

    question, do you have to actually have a wii in order for the winkler to work?

  15. xXShyGuyzXx says:

    does a wii remote classic work?

  16. fluffywafflez says:

    I have the pokemon crystal rom too :P

  17. XC0MB4TXEV0LV3D says:

    Norfolk boi? ;)

  18. flamingwolfz says:

    @MentalMiniman trollolololololololol

  19. MentalMiniman says:

    @flamingwolfz I’M a troll! LOL coming from the person who comes onto this video and posts shit? You make me laugh kid XD

  20. flamingwolfz says:

    @MentalMiniman ur such a troll

  21. flamingwolfz says:

    @MentalMiniman plz stfu i have it too it was a fuckin joke i kno its real!

  22. MentalMiniman says:

    @flamingwolfz LOL ur such a prick mate, you come here and make the accusation that it’s fake…then when other people get pissed off at you because it’s obviously real and you obviously havn’t even tried, you just start having a go at them! Your just an asshole -.-

  23. flamingwolfz says:

    @vhayes8886 Kid i really dont fucking give a shit drop it okay i dont feel like going back and fourth because i have better things to do then argue okay if you agree just dont reply okay but im glad your not one of those fuckers who go on about one little thing.

  24. flamingwolfz says:

    @vhayes8886 Frist of all kid if i was talking to you i would have replyed second im pretty sure your like 9 so you shouldnt be on here third dont call me and asshole becuz you dont know me but i do know your mom she was horrible in go suck a dick you ass mouth no one better replay to this too ethier cuz its not your conversation.

  25. kevingt09 says:

    what source did you use to get gp4iphone roms?

  26. TheSeven45 says:

    @flamingwolfz whats fake?

  27. flamingwolfz says:

    hahahahahaha! so fake lolz!!

  28. TheTylerHarrisShow says:

    your supposed to tilt your controller, thats why 1 and 2 are the jump, like a and b and the up and down are left and right.

  29. hendaav says:

    i dont have wiimote option :S

  30. beefadobe12 says:

    what theme do you have?

  31. ultrasuperman99 says:

    angry birds

  32. luislucio187 says:

    @MrHotdogg123 yes

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