Necromancer Rising On Iphone Gameplay

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Necromancer Rising On Iphone

Iphone Necromancer Rising

Using his ability to summon forth legions of the undead, the evil Necromancer is making life a living hell for the citizens of New Hope. To combat this threat, the local church tasks you with diving into the Necromancer’s lair and confronting his forces before dealing with the evil being himself.

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12 Responses to Necromancer Rising On Iphone Gameplay

  1. MerlinsJester says:

    This game is awesome. Some bitch about some pretty minor details, like the controls being confusing(they aren’t) or the AI being stupid(they’re slow, not stupid).

    All I can say that doesn’t spoil anything is that this game is tastefully retro with a great score and lotsa gameplay.

  2. iPodohacktic says:

    This trailer doesn’t give the game justice! The graphics look much better on a smaller screen! I know I am going to love this game!

  3. Adrianbike says:

    Como se llama la cancion de fondo???

    Traductor is fun!

  4. ParTyKour says:

    This game looks soo good, but it actually SUCKS DONKEY BALLS! I bought it and regret it SOOO much :( The AI is sooo stupid and controles sux.

  5. plzgtfoyt says:

    Looks awesome enough.

  6. MistahFen says:

    Wow how did I just discover this game right now?? Im gonna go buy it right now!

  7. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @muumimees123 No Problem and enjoy :)

  8. muumimees123 says:

    @IPhoneGamerUK TY so much im gonna buy it…. that made my day !! Ty

  9. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @muumimees123 It’s been out for a while now :) Currently priced at £2.39/$3.99.

  10. muumimees123 says:

    Wow this will be amazing

  11. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    For more videos on this game check out souldragoonx page on Youtube.

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