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Jump or Roll free – As promised, we’ve made our newest game (Jump or Roll) completely free to download today. You can grab it free at – Also, as a way of saying “thanks”, we’ve created 3 new iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers you can download for sharing Jump or Roll on facebook. You can get those here: Please note that you MUST be logged into facebook before visiting that link. Well … I hope you enjoy the new game today! Thanks a TON for downloading it, and helping us reach our 10000 free downloads today! Have an awesome day, Ryan Jump or Roll – Free Wallpapers –

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24 Responses to New iPhone Game is FREE Today – Plus Wallpaper Download Link!

  1. Supperficial says:

    How many downloads did u get :)

  2. xthexloserx says:

    where i can get the backgrounds ?

  3. GwenzVD says:

    Accept as a friend i have an iphone4

  4. Azndude1130 says:

    Whats a FaceBook? haha

  5. patriotsfan1018 says:


  6. SweBerra says:

    U need to show more ipad games and apps

  7. videobox123 says:

    its a really good game and my highsore is 277 :)

  8. gtasandman says:

    @leecoles1000 load the app press home and power buton at same time fore screen shot and check pictur libary

  9. SpiritxRS says:

    Over 9000 (LOL) downloads…

  10. UniqueApps says:

    @micgao Well … we originally planned this to be a $0.99 game, but what I mean with “keep it free forever” is that we won’t ever change it back to paid … it will always stay free if we reach that 10,000 download goal.

  11. AppsUpdater says:

    Check out my review everyone!

  12. leecoles1000 says:

    how do i get the backround on my iphone?

  13. Element6323 says:

    Thanks for working so hard. Not only on the site but everything you do for us. Your awesome.

  14. camroon1000 says:

    can anyone pm me how to make an app?

  15. JalissaHunn says:

    got minesss!!!! i love this game its sooo addictive!!

  16. haappy127 says:

    @kinpus ur welcome?

  17. kinpus says:

    @haappy127 Hehehe, fail. Yeah, I saw it right after… heheh

  18. amazingjohngormley says:

    on the ipod touch you can only set it as your unlock screen not your homepage screen

  19. UniqueApps says:

    @siljemyran No worries dude… I have bad spelling, and I’m from the US… ;-)

    Glad you’re enjoying the backgrounds!

  20. siljemyran says:

    Cool backgrounds, I use one of them now. Dont hate on my for bad spelling, im from Sweden.

  21. nick29oz says:

    go on twitter and follow me my name is clipsepost

  22. haappy127 says:

    @kinpus check out the previous video

  23. TheAlen081 says:

    Its really kind of you to make the games free for a day when you put some hard work on them. Thanks!

  24. randomenigma59 says:


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