*NEW* TOP 5 Paid GAMES Applications for Iphone & Ipod touch (July 2010)

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These apps are my personal top 5 paid apps. All these apps are .99 cents in the app store. 1. Flight Control 2. Doodle Jump 3.Cartoon War 4.StickWars 5.iCopter These apps are in no order just how they are found on my ipod touch.

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25 Responses to *NEW* TOP 5 Paid GAMES Applications for Iphone & Ipod touch (July 2010)

  1. BigTalkingTom17 says:

    i copter is like line birds

  2. JrProductionx says:

    @Adamapps at the time it wasnt

  3. Adamapps says:

    i copter is free

  4. TokemALL666 says:


  5. werewolfbaxe says:

    All you did was list the top apps..

  6. goldengun31 says:

    @TheKomi10 Doodle jump is the best, way better the jump on up

  7. TheKomi10 says:

    doodle jump is the same thing as “Jump On Up” but nice vid :)

  8. JrProductionx says:

    @natnael15 Thanks! means a lot! I am making a htc top 5 apps soon! so stay tuned

  9. natnael15 says:

    nice job man !!!

  10. Iam18yearsolddddd says:

    I think I’ll stick with cydia

  11. pl0xified1 says:

    cartoon wars 2 is better but really long

  12. 1THETRUTH10 says:

    Man how much do u like defending castles….lots…thats how much u like it :) Great vid :)

  13. Gtasaryder says:


  14. TheMrdragonfire2010 says:

    I am wierd lol this is not a spam? xD

  15. TheMrdragonfire2010 says:


  16. TheMrdragonfire2010 says:


  17. TheMrdragonfire2010 says:


  18. TheMrdragonfire2010 says:


  19. kochex11 says:

    an ipod touch turned into a pinball

  20. DonMartinoz says:


  21. NintendoGraham says:


  22. cambojuan says:


  23. 965halfevil says:

    is this the 4g?

  24. Na98edia says:

    i like it this is good

  25. 285simon says:


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