Nuts! On iPhone Gameplay

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Nuts! On iPhone

Nuts! On iPhone

Nuts is a simple enough concept, climb the tree as high as you can without hitting the branches to get the highest score, but the game looks great and the handling is intuitive. It doesn’t take long to get pretty good at it, and because the control is so simple, young kids can pick it up and play with no instructions. The game lends itself to competition because friends can compete and compare scores quickly.

Nuts! On iPhone Gameplay Rating: 5 / 5

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26 Responses to Nuts! On iPhone Gameplay

  1. Henkric88 says:

    try beating 6503

  2. PIGGZRULE says:

    try beating 5272

  3. donmarjuice says:

    haha… try beating 3221 m!

  4. mts50mts says:

    @vcubes7 Thats easy to beat. Tr to beat 1739.

  5. vcubes7 says:

    Try to beat 367

  6. yonib59 says:

    My beat score is 780 ו downloaded it last night its pretty fun

  7. evaaanbrown says:

    This game is awesome!LIKE! = ]

  8. cinexstudios says:

    @IPhoneGamerUK in other words.. great at work ;) lol i’ll try it :D

  9. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @cinexstudios Yeah try it mate ;) It’s another one of those casual games that’s fun and addictive and great for those short 5 mins here and there :)

  10. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @firemanjared Oh yeah Nuts! is good :) Gave it 5/5 in a review on site.

  11. cinexstudios says:

    when i saw pictures from the game i was like “meh”, but this doesn’t look too bad, might actually try it :D

  12. firemanjared says:

    @IPhoneGamerUK nut’s is good to =]

  13. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @firemanjared LOL..666..Oh well 667,668,669 & 670 are uploading as well ;) If i had known it was video 666 i would of uploaded some 666 type of game ;)

  14. firemanjared says:

    nuts is the 666th video awesome!

  15. Andrewgdd says:

    This is like Assassin’s Creed

  16. DJAM3R says:

    Yeah keep on dreaming..,..

  17. ammmma2 says:

    @DJAM3R it just in your xperia in mine is so smoooooooth :D

  18. DJAM3R says:

    Exactly i played it on xperia play and it lagged as hell….

  19. ammmma2 says:

    @DJAM3R you wrong babe if you have xperia play you will see :D

  20. mosu95 says:

    Pirates of Persia: The Forgotten Creed?

  21. DJAM3R says:

    Pirate’s creed

  22. DJAM3R says:

    But dude you need a extremely powerfull phone (and expensive) if you want it to be on android and you don’t want any lag…. It runs smoother on iPhone and iPod touch.

  23. sajti111 says:

    i like this game .. but this crashes on my ipod 4g :(

  24. ammmma2 says:

    finally on iphone i finneshed it 3 times on my android phone :D

  25. TheMr294981 says:

    2nd… person to right a really gay comment

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