PES 2010 On iPhone Gameplay

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Check out some gameplay from the recently released Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on iPhone/iPod Touch. For thelatest news/pics etc on this and other Iphone games news feel free to check out my iphone games news reviews and videos site out at …Let me know what you think..Many thanx
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 Responses to PES 2010 On iPhone Gameplay

  1. ReunitePeace777 says:

    @hafiskareem22 the best soccer/ football game right now is first touch soccer

  2. kilzone17 says:

    voce ja conseguiu fazer gol de falta nesse jogo?

  3. 1995kanka says:


  4. tyhuk10 says:

    Well the game looks good, but why does it have bad reviews?

  5. MrAlexi111 says:

    @pirateanuj yes but its called london FC

  6. SsPersonsS says:

    are the controls easy to handle?

  7. christheking14086 says:

    is this real?

  8. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @pirateanuj Well Chelsea are in it,but they are named London F.C in it and not Chelsea :)

  9. pirateanuj says:

    is chelsea f.c in pes 10 for itouch

  10. iphoneshareorg says:

    #OMG wan’t to download free games for your iphone ? just enter my channel name in the web browser

  11. criz2324 says:

    it’s has good graphics but the controls is wat I don’t like it only has a and b but x2
    soccer 2010 has basically the controls as on FIFA 10 on the ps3.

  12. WTFWJDoo says:

    how is urs so fast for the iphone? my 2 touch lags like hell

  13. hafiskareem22 says:

    @IPhoneGamerUK aight tnx

  14. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @hafiskareem22 Top 2 are PES 2010 and X2 Soccer so those 2 are the best.PES 2010 has the best graphics/gameplay whilst X2 Soccer has loads of features/teams/modes and online multiplayer.But that’s just my opinion.I’ve played both of those way more than i’ve played FIFA 10.

  15. hafiskareem22 says:

    @IPhoneGamerUK i have the money for two which two shud i get fifa 10 or pes 10 or x2 football

  16. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @hafiskareem22 Well the best 2 footy/soccer games on iPhone/iPod Touch are PES 2010 and X2 Soccer 2010.X2 has more options/modes/teams and online multiplayer and PES 2010 has the better graphics and gameplay inmho.I own all the footy games and these 2 are far and away the top 2.PES 2010 is good and it will get more stuff added plus it’s cheaper than X2 in USA anyways.

  17. hafiskareem22 says:

    so is it the best soccer game for the ipohne/ipod touch now

  18. sharpanator says:

    yeah but PES is the number one football game for fans and experts since playstation one, since the old international superstar soccer days. Pros always choosed PES and arcade player FIFA. PES is setting the benchmark for so long now

  19. HanselJrFilm says:

    it looks very arcade, 2X Football looks more realistic in my opinion

  20. meshi211 says:

    @IPhoneGamerUK thnxx

  21. LUKAS309 says:

    @IPhoneGamerUK thx :)

  22. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @LUKAS309 The AI is PES 2010 is better than the other Footy games out,even on 1 star the goalies are hard to beat,which makes it a far better challenge.Tho you can still score some scorchers ;)

  23. IPhoneGamerUK says:

    @meshi211 Yeah mate ;)

  24. meshi211 says:

    hey dose this work on iphone 3g 16gb thnx

  25. LUKAS309 says:

    Was the cpu profesionall?

  26. 27Baileigh says:

    K? Thanks for showing me something I already have done 100s of times?? Your like level 3 I’m level 30…

  27. snowgirl721 says:

    I love it it’s so fun!

  28. mizouman says:

    I love this game is the best apple application for 2011

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