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Predators knows what you want. You want to be a badass space hunter with razor claws, plasma guns, and the ability to turn invisible so you can rip out the spine of an unsuspecting human before they know what hit them.

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42 Responses to PREDATORS iPhone iPod

  1. NemesisAggression says:

    Miss this game. Ima re download it

  2. RDdaNINJA says:

    @Baalthor01 Oh, cool.

  3. Baalthor01 says:

    @RDdaNINJA Yes, you fight other Predators after mission 23

  4. ihategobots7 says:

    can i jailbreak this game??

  5. cyberwar3682 says:

    i finally beat mr black and i wanna thank mr bannana 14 who commented that you should upgrade fully all your weapons 1st! i didnt even know that i could get the other helmet until i upgraded everything! thanks alot man upgrading all your weapons fully gives you a chance to win for sure! awesome!

  6. MegaJonon says:

    @gmartin1985 kinda hard yeah?


    Beat it :D

  8. payaso1393 says:

    last level is soooo fuckin HARD.!!!

  9. MICHAELandJELL0 says:

    Time to buy myself an Iphone :D

  10. MICHAELandJELL0 says:

    @TheGameTrail Wait, don’t you have to fight the predator hounds too?

  11. locdasmoke says:

    @gmartin1985 … after the yellow health bar pops up everything is much easier. He won’t shoot at you with the plasma canon anymore, so u can use your disc as much as u want until u see his health bar is gone and a skull pops up over his hear, after that just move in for the kill and rip his ugly head off his neck!! Have patience and it will work, but damn it sure is frustrating until u actually beat him…

  12. locdasmoke says:

    @gmartin1985 I had almost given up on this, but I finally defeated Mr. Black. Use a combination of the whip and the disc.. If you use the whip first so u can get up close to him, switch to the disc and start throwin it, but you gotta be quick and if he moves around or dogs come, u gotta start moving around. If Mr. Black goes invisible, use the thermal vision to lock the disc on him and try your best not to get hit by his plasma canon. Once his blue health bar is down a yellow one will pop up…

  13. fallout3er1 says:

    You suck at this game

  14. killerbanana14 says:

    Dude buy the smart disc first and fully upgrade it ….. Then this game is easy same with the razor whip also buy the falconer helmet it helps one last thing using thermal means insta lock on to any nearby target so use these pro tips

  15. 809Ollie says:

    @gmartin1985 ow do u record ur iphone like that?

  16. MantisShrimpa says:

    thats for the iphone? that is sooo sick

  17. VEZOK54 says:

    actually theres an update with 31 levels a new weapon and mask and you get to fightthe super predators and there dogs

  18. hofoshow says:

    is this game available on android too? if it is can i have the link pretty please with cherry on top

  19. ezt123dp says:

    @gmartin1985. Use the spear, wrist blades, and blaster, also pick the tracker predator mask for greater resistance to damage.. Max out your weapons arsenal as it is essential to your fight. Good luck.

  20. onlywhenpissed says:

    Predator owns.

  21. bulibulizaimon says:

    Finished the game but i missed:

    -Reap the Whirlwind
    -Clan Leader
    -Flesh Ripper
    -Night Stalker
    -The Chopper

    Whats the requirement?

  22. TheGameTrail says:

    @gmartin1985 I haven’t gotten that far so I can’t help you, sorry :/

  23. gmartin1985 says:

    @TheGameTrail If you know how to kill the black super predator on level 31 then let me know!! Using the razor whip has done the best job for me so far but the dogs just kill you while you’re trying to get at him and when he shoots you you lose all your plasma cannon energy so it’s kinda hard (which is good). One time I managed to get his energy right down but then he gets a second bar and I died.

  24. TheGameTrail says:

    Predators just got a huge update with new levels, weapons and enemies. Yes you do get to fight other predators now!

  25. RDdaNINJA says:

    @TheGameTrail Mmm. That sucks. The game still looks pretty good, though. To bad I got a friggin iPod Nano instead of Touch.

  26. xXMeTalZXx says:

    @jacck123 cos ‘ it’s PS2 not ipod touch!

  27. jacck123 says:

    ps2 is better than it

  28. victorhugo2826 says:


  29. victorhugo2826 says:

    The trailer is so fake propagam

  30. Tha0men says:

    €0,79 cents at th emoment

  31. LikeGoschi says:

    how much costs it??!?!?!?!

  32. ERIKSANDOVAL12456 says:

    I had this game for like 6 months and barely seen an update

  33. baconbut95 says:

    Story mode

  34. bryansbag says:

    this game fails i liked shrek kart better

  35. naniton says:

    how u unlock the other chararcters

  36. marcolukas11 says:

    better than ds (ds sucks -.-)

  37. Sonicrulz12 says:

    How did he get story mode

  38. FellageXXX says:

    Nice review, this game actually looks really good, I will probably get it.

  39. thewirrow says:

    does it have multiplayer?

  40. milobutthole says:

    Graphics look better than DS.

  41. binhuGM says:

    you like the race game, :)

  42. thomasmacias says:

    Awesome review. Thank you.

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