PSP vs Nintendo DS vs iTouch iPhone

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PSP vs Nintendo DS vs iTouch iPhone

iTouch iPhone vs PSP vs Nintendo DS

3 different devices… 2 portable gaming devices and the other, some kind of pseudo portable console with multimedia functions… FPS games is a trendy video game genre right now and those types of games is also available in portable consoles, but the controls are different to systems like the Xbox 360, PS3 or the PC… is difficult to translate that playability to portable devices. The PSP fares more o less acceptable, but you will miss a second analog stick . The Nintendo DS in FPS games is good and precise thanks to the touch screen and the STYLUS (The graphics well… not that much) and the iDevices… ummm strange but somehow acceptable controls, at the beginning you will find the controls confusing but you will get used to it in 15 min.

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25 Responses to PSP vs Nintendo DS vs iTouch iPhone

  1. wonphi says:

    @GameReviewsBoston Agreed, Vita and 3DS looks great, in their own ways, it’s going to be tough to get both. Though, I am tempted to wait for the inevitable redesigns of each version. Still need to check out Vita’s battery life, durability and etc, amongst other things. Can’t wait for more info.

  2. GameReviewsBoston says:

    @wonphi ps vita … amazing graphics and awesome controls

  3. wonphi says:

    DS best controls out of them all worst graphics
    Itouch device best graphics worst controls
    PSP good graphics mediocre controls

  4. josegerardoprado says:

    @franzken the psp is a portable console de operative sistem of the ipod iphone or ipad is like a mini computer so i recomend you to buy any of those better graphics

  5. franzken says:

    @josegerardoprado vs god of war ghost of sparta psp is a portable console

  6. Nasbayern says:

    nintendo is the worst!

  7. xXPsych0ticM0nkeyXx says:

    @Android3015 like black ops combat training?

  8. josegerardoprado says:

    nova 2 or modern combat 2 vs any of those psp and ds games

  9. MatthieuGras0 says:

    psp ftw

  10. Android3105 says:

    medal of honor 1 on psp pwns, you have a skirmish mode were its like a multiplayer match but its offline and you are having a deathmatch against the AI, plus medal of honor is console quality unlike the ds and ipod touch games were they have a flash/shockwave feel

  11. ZS0LTl says:


  12. psxwarrior says:

    I prefer the iPod touch over psp controls as far as FPSs go, but fighting games work a lot better on my PSP. I have a hard time executing certain combos on a fighting game I have on my android phone. With PSP, no problems since I have physical controls, but I keep getting drawn back to that game on my android phone, seeing as I’ll never be able to have it on the 3ds, ngp, psp, dsi, or iPod touch. I do have a fighting game on the touch, and it works better since the controls are made for it.

  13. psxwarrior says:

    @KalConduitman rofl, “…M$ hasent figured out how to fit RRoD on a Hand held…” Priceless comment.

  14. MrGiratinaFan says:

    @Bluntedcow And its hard to play Mw2 on DS or psp or Iphone.. MUCH MUCH easyer on PC, Xbox,PS

  15. MrGiratinaFan says:

    @Bluntedcow Yea, that to.. but nicer on Ps3 and xbox360 :P

  16. Bluntedcow says:

    @MrGiratinaFan IF you’r really smart you got it on PC…

  17. MrGiratinaFan says:

    Who would spend money on MW2 On DS or Psp or Iphone? Just buy it on PS3 and XBOx360… if you’re smart.

  18. justinjacobe says:

    @MrGiratinaFan 3ds is better

  19. justinjacobe says:

    i hate the psp’s nubs they brake easily i wonder if ngp analog sticks sucks too im not expecting that much from the ngp

  20. inflatablegreenalien says:

    NGP would be the best for fps games

  21. ThwardHD says:

    ipod touch is so awkward to play for fps

  22. overdose894 says:

    ds all day psp brakes to easily

  23. TheHalfCraft says:

    @jallizashyne get a psp. i have an ipod 2g like this reviewer but i wish i purchased a psp.

  24. TheHalfCraft says:

    ur vids are the beast

  25. aspikything29043 says:

    You guys can keep arguing, but I’m happy with my iPod touch.

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