Street Fighter 4 iPhone Game Hands-On Preview

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Street Fighter 4 iPhone

Street Fighter 4 on iPhone

First we took it to the streets in the arcade, then consoles, and now on your iPhone and iPod Touch. This is an impressive port, and will be available soon!

Angry Birds

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34 Responses to Street Fighter 4 iPhone Game Hands-On Preview

  1. mercuryboyz says:

    This game made its way to the iphone . . . . I mean IPHONE!!!! And not PSP!!!! Capcom said PSP cant handle SSF4. Fuck that shit! iphone has no greater than psp in term of graphic. Just dont get it why capcom didnt make it for the psp. At least they should make this game to the psp for its final game since psp is going to die soon. *cries* – i bet this must be bcos of piracy issue, theres no gme frm capcom made its way to psp lyk devil may cry and resident evil. Only the classic street fighter!!!

  2. imlieksokewl123 says:

    So…there’s no way to get this on an android phone?

  3. PinoyBataa says:

    dp > fadc > Ultra must be so easy with just pressing the ultra LOL

  4. nebutoras says:

    Do not pay a dime and get your own iPhone 5 at: goo.glGAFGE

  5. JamDeItaV says:

    @mindvinicius not really into tablets,. they’re to big to carry. compared to a phone offcourse that is.

  6. mindvinicius says:

    @JamDeItaV so buy an Ipad

  7. ThinkofUser says:

    @laifalbert Technically, they are using 2D sprites. They’ve basically screenshotted or rendered the animations of each character, which is why it looks choppy.

    KoF:I uses the same engine too.

  8. redtropilas says:

    Participate: goo.gl8ONjl and win iPad 2.

  9. XXXXNanoXXXxxx says:

    @mygapgap Why you say that? what phone u have? I have the Samsung galaxy S 2 and its a monster!! Mayb not even the Iphone 5 can not beat it…

  10. JamDeItaV says:

    iphone needs a bigger screen.

  11. laifalbert says:

    They should have made the characters 2d sprites rather than 3d models. Let the framerate go up, the visuals won’t really be that much worse. Besides, fluidity and timing are incredibly important to a fighting game. How can you let that go down for a bit shinier looks?

  12. mygapgap says:

    My android phone is suck! !!!!!$my god

  13. codyoschman says:

    WTF dude this is awsome, is it for retina display or just normal display

  14. serge2cool says:

    @violetteeaster85 shit, once you get past surveys the download links lead to a site that has its download taken down.

  15. violetteeaster85 says:

    I like your video!hot apps freee?yeh..go: iphoneapps․net․tf

  16. danno2169 says:

    @BarakaTheGreat just the way it should be ;)

  17. arnitdas says:

    Of all the games i have played this is the most Fucking Hardest Game Ever…….

  18. emucosmos says:

    the fingers hide almost half the screen, how could anyone play like that?

  19. klipton2 says:

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  20. klipton3 says:

    Hmm Realy nice!and free?yes! go: beegapple․com

  21. kerizzle2011 says:

    best fighter game on the iphone by far!

  22. mreric95 says:

    Thanks to: beegapple․com hot games,apps,movies!

  23. HORRORTV1 says:

    They should add Gouki into the game. That’ll be all I wish for.

  24. hakersedem says:

    It’s a fucking phone, what more do you want??? it’s epic

  25. rubenssz says:

    Why these people keep arguing about this… it’s just simple, a smartphone with gaming capabilities… I use my phone to talk and play with it when there’s some time. Don’t have time to play console or pc games anyway.

  26. zaggy16 says:

    haha, I can’t believe it. It couldn’t have scored more than 1 star for like an hour. That leaded me to this video. Then I scored 132810 with 2 birds spared and that made 152810 :D

  27. ThePine48 says:


  28. pillowtrot says:

    This totally doesn’t work. I do the exact same thing and never get more than 2 stars.

  29. rafaelnelvam says:

    I didn’t realize how stupid this game was until this level!! I have the PC version and even with with the mouse precision it gets a different result EVERY FUCKING TIME!!! Impossible to predict ANY play!!

  30. 310gman says:

    Why do people use these videos to make us listen to their shitty taste in music?!

  31. lilnardy2316 says:

    Help ful

  32. lilpebbley says:

    Thanks! A method that works for 3 stars!!!!

  33. forrestarnold666 says:

    Finally, a somewhat different method for 3 stars. Still, there has to be another way.

  34. kroen says:

    148k after 2 hrs

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