The Hero iPhone Trailer

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The Hero iPhone Trailer

The Hero iPhone Trailer

In short: Crashing and bashing into a mess of different enemies, 15 level campaign with a wacky storyline, survival mode, strange humor and fast paced action. Hero iPhone Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to The Hero iPhone Trailer

  1. YaBoyKhalilTv says:

    smoking stopped his career lol

  2. lennyGTAIV says:

    0:42 that porsche look awesome

  3. UnIeash says:


    they just added retina display..

  4. Wolfss2 says:

    0:34 looks great

  5. synystergates243 says:

    how do you get the hidden cars like at 0:18 i cant find it on the streets?

  6. BenJEMean says:

    @GreenWolf628 there is with the iPhone 4, better lighting and shadows, smoother textures on the cars, better landscape and much more map, for an iPhone game its impressive.

  7. mfbballer says:

    Can someone tell me how you can record your screen like that with that frames per sec… Thanks

  8. hatebreed1990 says:


  9. fonebuzz says:

    Yeah, they could have improve the graphics, let hope they release few updates to solve this problem.

  10. CyrillKR says:

    @allan136Q the first Gangstar had an bird’s eye view and it looked nothing like GTA 3

    If you mean that the first Gangstar on the iPhone was like GTA 3 then it was more like GTA VC and 3 which was actually the third Gangstar ever released before that we had Gangstar:Crime City and Gangstar 2(which West Coast Hustle is based on)

  11. DevilmanAltair says:

    @allan136Q yea you are right BUT if you wait from rockstar to launch it there will be a gangstar 6 lol

  12. GreenWolf628 says:

    No graphical improvement!

  13. allan136Q says:

    Gangstar 1 is like Gta 3
    And this, is a mix of gta vc and gta sa.
    When rockstar launch a new Gta game, this game can f*ck *ff :D

  14. fonebuzz says:

    Wow flamethrower & crocodile.

  15. darth2499 says:

    looks nice! will buy this

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