The Sims 3 for iPhone

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The Sims 3 iPhone Games

The Sims 3

EA Mobiles stable of iPhone games is already impressive, but its about to get even better. The mobile arm of famed game developer EA is putting the finishing touches on their latest in iPhone gaming – The Sims 3 for iPhone – and weve got the first-look scoop for all our readers!

The Sims 3 Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to The Sims 3 for iPhone

  1. sims3rocksful says:

    OMG is that your sims house

  2. sims3rocksful says:

    i love this game its so good

  3. ChaosCpCheats says:

    So cool! Im so gonna buy this with my birthday money… 10 days >.>

  4. varunpaawar says:

    can u tell me name of the track…..????

  5. IPAHack3r says:

    On my channel, it is possible to download The Sims 3 on the Iphone or Ipod Touch.
    We highly recommend.

  6. TechnoReviewing says:

    dislike?like bar looks like a light-saber from star wars :) lol

  7. dmak646 says:

    This looks so boring

  8. TheMoussa15 says:

    how i go to build mode

  9. jamnjeri says:

    i have one

  10. nathanhoantran says:

    I download today

  11. prettygirl1039 says:

    I downloaded it on my mom’s iphone

  12. Thepaintballmaniac12 says:

    @hjizcoolzero no you don’t lol

  13. Himan1234ify says:

    @DannyVids11 Nope

  14. hjizcoolzero says:

    Oh so android users can just go fuck themselves. I want this for android.

  15. MsSimsfreak21 says:

    do u hav to buy da sims3? for iphone? how much is it? nd r there any trouble to get it? and y is ur sim blue? r all sims blue in de iphone version!!!??? or is it just options? i knw i got alot of questions! nice vid.

  16. gil12gamepro1 says:

    @TheMasterSOAP shut the fuck up!!!!!!!

  17. SonyEcuadorxP says:

    and that wire that you had connected to the iphone?

  18. alexandrabutiri2000 says:

    OMG NICE SONG how’s it called pls?

  19. angstyDarko says:

    her wish was to stay fed for 3 days? were you starving her?

  20. TheMasterSOAP says:

    why are you a girl?… PERV!!!

  21. MrsXxSwaggerXxTV2 says:

    @DannyVids11 No

  22. TheSims3Luxury says:

    does the sims on iphone use any internet usage?

  23. Keekee12ish says:

    @DannyVids11 Nope! You can play on the Go! =P

  24. katyperryet8081 says:

    i wsnt the sims three for my iphone but im waiting cause i got a itunes gift card toay but i didnt load it yet!!! love the sims three the ds game is better thaneveryobe says it is

  25. dadiko20 says:

    Nope. you don’t need online to play the game

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