Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 On iPhone Gameplay

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Check out some gameplay from the new iPhone game Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. For the latest news/pics etc on this and other Iphone games news feel free to check out my iPhone games news reviews and videos site out at iphonegameruk.webs.com …Let me know what you think..Many thanks

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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48 Responses to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 On iPhone Gameplay

  1. PAPerTURKeY says:

    @Cobra41PW they had an update with more characters reptile and classic subzero are included

  2. PAPerTURKeY says:

    sorry about that xD just protect the series any chance i have

  3. PAPerTURKeY says:

    @2ant0 o sorry i just hate street fighter sorry

  4. 2ant0 says:

    @PAPerTURKeY I was being sarcastic no need for offensive lango -sniffle-

  5. PAPerTURKeY says:

    @2ant0 this isnt street fighter dumbass this is actually a good game series

  6. 2ant0 says:

    No ryu?

  7. TheNaytron says:

    Try to beat shao Kahn playing kitana

  8. Cobra41PW says:

    I want to get it but I’m not sure I mean they don’t have reptile and he’s my favorite but they have sheeva and night wolf who aren’t even important

  9. bigger46 says:

    People ask how to unlock Ermac and jade, its the 3 and the Ying Yang as lost treassures

  10. jowrab says:

    Can you play this on pc?

  11. Allcombatsports says:

    @Nuh1Uh1No1Way thats a lie this is not mk4 ugly

  12. Allaboutdatps3 says:

    nowhere near as fun as the original..

  13. MagneticLehrak says:

    @MagneticLehrak Well, just get street fighter 4 on the device. The sprite based graphics somehow manage to provide a much better cleaner ’3d’ look. It also has excellent controls.

  14. bWWd0 says:

    ThiS game is broken ,wahts up with subzero elbow infinite ?

  15. Nuh1Uh1No1Way says:

    @MagneticLehrak True, Graphics don’t make a game but it doesn’t change the fact that it looks ugly as sin. Like Kano in Drag Ugly.

  16. MagneticLehrak says:

    @Nuh1Uh1No1Way Graphics dont make a game. Shut your face. AlthoughI personally still think its dumb.

  17. blackzulu8 says:

    WOW!! Looks nice.

  18. Nuh1Uh1No1Way says:

    I’m an MK fan and even I have to say ew to this. This is Mortal Kombat 4 ugly. Actually it’s uglier than that.

  19. zubz3rox says:

    is that for free?

  20. DesmondChen says:

    @boysempire are you sure this shit is way better than Sf4??

  21. boysempire says:

    the SF VS MK rivalry begins again…
    i just got this and it is way better than SF4

  22. DevilmanAltair says:

    yea looks too…old… and dissapointing ill stick to SFIV

  23. guglecwoki says:

    i’ve been waiting for ipod’s MK title for ages. sadly it looks a bit dissapointing imo

  24. PLKFBBBB says:


  25. jojothespy123456 says:

    if i bought reinforcements how do i activate it

  26. 01213567934 says:

    I like this!

  27. dragonoy0592 says:

    Hey foursaken pls help me the newest update the things to swap like beetle for bumble bee and stuff like that idk how to use it pls tell me how ;(

  28. NDSPr02 says:

    @FoursakenMedia i have a question, my the Mantis and the Treasure Trove update let me out on the game when a new turret or achievment is gonna show up? Can you fix this?

  29. 2134hi says:

    How do we get praying mantis?

  30. BountyXSnipe says:

    This game is free!! Get it now!! It’s an awesome game!

  31. maxdookee says:

    I absolutely love this game. the thing I hate is I just got the update and now the game is seriously lagging on my iPod 3rd gen.please fix. :(

  32. ReivaxStudios says:

    Online co-op sounds amazing. Please consider it :)

  33. MonkeyTNT104 says:

    @FoursakenMedia other than the new bugs out alredy, r there any newer ones out or coming out?

  34. MonkeyTNT104 says:

    @Foursaken Media. othr than the new ones alredy, r there any more bugs comin out?

  35. burgos0921 says:

    New heros are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. FoursakenMedia says:

    @maxdookee Yep :) Just go to the store screen and click “restore” on any other device. Make sure you’re logged in with the same iTunes account that you bought the characters with though.

  37. maxdookee says:

    I have a question,if I purchase the extra characters on an iPad can I restore it on my iPod and get the characters on both devices.

  38. killa200ful says:


  39. iamzatch says:

    Man i want this game so bad but my parents wudn let me use their Cards to purchase!!

  40. 001Studios says:

    @FoursakenMedia: The game is really cool but “buildings” are missing… like walls out of food or a medic station…

  41. agentrupert01 says:

    @FoursakenMedia Ahh okay I thought it’s not good enough.. Well I just want to reach the maximum skills of all heroes but i can hardly work w/ it.. But still a good game though and this is the only game that makes me put more effort..hehe btw maybe multiplayer mode can bring this game to the top.. well im just saying though.. =)

  42. FoursakenMedia says:

    @FoursakenMedia Do you actually WANT games to last for several hours? Especially in a game like this where your stats and equipment are reset after each game…

  43. FoursakenMedia says:

    @agentrupert01 Round 23 is actually really good…

  44. agentrupert01 says:

    to all… up to what level can you reach in adventure mode? coz i can only reach level 23.. this game is too hard for me..

  45. knevel1987 says:

    Rly interested in this game though was really hoping for some multyplayer option? Co-op that would finish the game 100% :)

  46. fodidodi19 says:

    epic game i can’t stop playing it…
    put we need update for multiple player!!!!!!!

  47. Cresof says:

    looks awesome! I’ll buy it right now, I hope you guys get higher in the top charts.

  48. blahblah4462 says:

    Thumbs up for installous!!! xD

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