Zombies:The Last Stand On iPhone

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Zombies:The Last Stand

Zombies:The Last Stand On iPhone

Check out some gameplay from the upcoming iPhone game Zombies:The Last Stand.

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25 Responses to Zombies:The Last Stand On iPhone

  1. Lam2ez says:

    There was a game which also called last stand, wat happen to it?

  2. mzroy0 says:

    This game sucks donkey dick, would smash my phone if it wasn’t free

  3. Dragonspirit999 says:

    Its called Left for Dead man

  4. boymyfeetsmell says:


  5. RockingPocketGames says:

    Infinity Blade doesn’t have shadows or very complex shaders. Plus the gameplay is even more repetitive. There are tradeoffs that have to be made to make a game run fast with so many zombies at once and complex shaders.

  6. undrgrnd76 says:

    quite fun after i played it. my comments is to impove on the weapons textures and add co-op play :)

  7. THEcillerkow says:

    Looks horrible

  8. danlew717 says:

    INTENESE ZOMBIES ACTION (a few zombies beating the shit out of him :D)

  9. TheGaylordMFocker says:

    “MOST ADVANCE 3D GRAPHICS ENGINE ON MOBILE PLATFORM”? You gotta be kidding, what bout infinity blade.Noob developers go fuck yourselfs sometime.Horrid game with disturbing controls,repeating gameplay yucks.

  10. ZlutyPanter says:

    Wow, never seen these shadows on iPhone :-O but the gameplay is that you are in arena and hordes still come?

  11. Unelson23 says:

    The graphics look low def. I’d rather play pac man.

  12. chino852456 says:

    yeah yeah sure…both of u are game enginers… i am metal gear saga co-producer ;D

  13. sajti111 says:

    i love this game
    i play this game on itouch 4g and run smoother :)
    download the new update

  14. mazas1991 says:

    @RockingPocketGames Really?i didnt know that.i thought that the AK is a 30 bullet-rifle only

  15. RockingPocketGames says:

    @mazas1991 You can buy 10 bullet magazines for AK47 in real life. In the game you start out with that but can upgrade the clip size up to 50

  16. Tubson77 says:

    @abdul123r The PSP phone was revealed by engadget and other sites just this week, it will be based on the PSP Go and will be a Sony-Ericsson product. It will use a micro sd rather than memory stick. A possible Christmas release date has been mentioned!

  17. mazas1991 says:

    AK-47 with 10 bullets? WTF.

  18. abdul123r says:

    @Tubson77 do u know how long we have to wait for the psp phone?

  19. Tubson77 says:

    @RockingPocketGames If this is only two months of work then I will admit that it is impressive. I was most disappointed by the small playing area and lack of maps, so future maps will enhance the game alot. I look forward to future updates.

  20. RockingPocketGames says:

    @Tubson77 They are programmed for… Pixel shaders are a programmable pipeline rather than a fixed function pipeline. I will be adding more to the game, like more maps and gyro aiming. This is only two months of work. I pushed out what I had so far just to have something in time for Halloween.

  21. Tubson77 says:

    @RockingPocketGames I agree with you on that they are the most advanced techniques, but they are hardware based (rather than programmed for) and are obviously the most advanced as the latest generation iPhone has the most advanced architecture. I am glad you do not claim they are the best graphics, as they clearly are not. And the game isn’t the best either. I do not regret buying it, and enjoy supporting small developers. As I said, the game is simply OK, it is hardly NOVA or COD: Zombies!

  22. RockingPocketGames says:

    @Tubson77 Stop trolling. I claimed it was the most advanced graphics, not ‘the best graphics’ which is purely subjective. It depends on the content that goes into the game. PSP does not have hardware shaders as we know it today on a GPU, only software shaders (anything can be done in software). If you can find a game on a portable device that does all the effects I listed and more then the claim will be refuted.

  23. Tubson77 says:

    @RockingPocketGames I certainly did not say I do not know what “parallax bump mapping is”, I said “you are throwing technical terms around like “parallax normal mapping”, but it means nothing if the game does not look good, which it doesn’t!! I have not got some random grudge against the game, just that it is trying to claim to be something it isn’t. And if you have been doing this for 20 years why so amateurish and why get your facts wrong about a leading handheld platform like the PSP?

  24. RockingPocketGames says:

    @Tubson77 You just said you don’t know what parallax bump mapping is. I’ve spent the last 20 years developing and licensing 3D game engines to other game developers, including 5 years of shadow techniques including stencil shadows and omnidirectional variance shadow mapping. It is my life’s work, so I know what I’m talking about. Have you ever written a pixel shader before?

  25. Tubson77 says:

    @RockingPocketGames Are you a child? Insulting me when you don’t have the first clue about me. “this game is doing stuff you can’t even comprehend”! What makes you qualified to make that judgement? I’m a scientist in the UK and have been around the video game industry for 25 years so I think I have a slight inkling of many graphical and visual techniques. You are factually incorrect, PSP has seperate vertex and pixel shaders, as I said, it is nothing new!! The game is just not that good!!

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