Free games for Ipod **No porgrams needed**

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This will show you how to put games onto your ipod. You do not need to pay for the games. All of them are from the itunes store.

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25 Responses to Free games for Ipod **No porgrams needed**

  1. kracyfruitcake says:

    @SpazztasticFridays it said that on my ipod as well. i havent been able to figure it out so if you figure it out let me know.

  2. heyitsabbysup says:

    If you have a iphone or ipod touch, download the free app checkpoints. You get free giftcards only if you use the bonus code abriannac . enjoy!! (ENTER THE BONUS CODE “abriannac” without the quotes. :)

  3. MegaXilovemusicx says:

    It said the file as gone, pls help !! x

  4. bushrabonkiye says:

    Make a new folder like the uploader did

  5. manpreetsingh252 says:

    i don’t see the Game_RO folder

  6. xxttop says:

    men im doing your hack and if works im going to thank you alot

  7. rangebrosrangeto99 says:

    My ipod had everything working i downloaded all the games enabled disk use and found the games_ro folder and put them into it but when i turn on my ipod and go to games they are no where to be found on the whole ipod. I even see them on the how much space thing in the other option. Any help?

  8. jeffsav93 says:

    @Narumi1 the folder is hidden. go to start > My computer.
    at the top (file, edit, view,etc) click Tools > Folder Options.
    Click the tab at the top labeled View.
    check “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files”
    Click ok.
    You should be able to find the folder, if not, do this.
    click start, my computer, your ipod.
    at the top, in the address bar, add “ipod_control” so it looks something like d:ipod_control

  9. realycooldude94 says:

    link is broken

  10. badassmedianetwork says:

    just go into folder options and allow hidden files and folders

  11. MsCaligirl9 says:

    download checkpoints in the app store sign up and submit the code jbissle01 it will give u 300 points

  12. MEGAMAN4441 says:

    yes finnaly free apps awww fuck i need an email

  13. Mrwarnuke says:

    @Narumi1 u right click and the properties, then u uncheck the hidden files checkbox, aplly and done :)

  14. johnlhama says:

    I was pooping When I watch This vid :P

  15. dinosaurxp says:

    my itunes says : im not autorized for this to sync but i hae activated my account & its enabled disc use.
    what did I wrong? can u help me? Oo

  16. TobyJoelCornish says:

    For everyone that doesnt have ipod control go to Your ipod>tools>folderoptions>view and then check show hidden files and folders Thumbs up so people can see?

  17. TheYuutosama says:

    i dont get iPod control ftw?

  18. Killhouse03 says:

    Nella parte iniziale fa capire tutto benissimo e ti fa seguire passo passo il percorso, solo che verso la metà diventa troppo confusionario e non si capisce più niente, crea cartelle e le elimina, fa passaggi troppo veloci, cambia schermate, insomma alla fine non si riesce a fare niente.

  19. TheGeorge12345678910 says:

    u spelled programs wrong

  20. 13alson says:

    work in ipod nano 4g

  21. prankmakers95 says:

    @Narumi1 go to tool>folder options> view> scrool down and hit the show hidden files buttum and press ally and ok then youll see it

  22. prankmakers95 says:

    2008… this wont work anymore

  23. dopestar1975 says:

    did not understand a dam word he said. i know hes speakin english but he moved way to fast to understand what hes doin.and why did he create a new folder just to erase it????? also the volume is all messed up.

  24. shortcutdanne says:

    so this doesn’t work for ipod nano 5g ?
    then why?

  25. jake7147 says:

    i dont have ipod control

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