Games for iPhone iPad or iPod Touch

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Games for iPhone iPad or iPod Touch

Soundrop, We Rule, and Opera Mini are 3 fairly new and entertaining apps/games you can get for any of Apple’s Mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch). All of them are free on the App Store. These fun games have becoming very addicting

iPhone iPad or iPod TouchRating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Games for iPhone iPad or iPod Touch

  1. HazardousDarkNinja says:

    Balls that drop. Hahaha

  2. ev2000123 says:

    @yugiddd his ipod might be jailbroken so its probably in insallous

  3. vkfrost1 says:

    jailbreak any apple ipod touch or ipad 1 and two and iphone 3 and 4 g watch my video on how to do it its take less than a min to install cydia

  4. Stingler23 says:

    If you just search “Sound Drop” a bunch of music will come up, for all you people confused… just search “Sound Drop Game”, It will be the first result.

  5. ecaep42 says:

    @self Acually, We Rule Delux is We Rule :p

  6. kerneykid1 says:


  7. nintendoMAC14 says:

    love ur background i have it too. :) <3

  8. ecaep42 says:

    We Rule isnt available for US Store. Fuck.

  9. bloodyboo620 says:

    i tried looking for soundrop on installouse couldn’t find it

  10. TurtleClanFTW123 says:

    hey kazzel what is your winterboard?

  11. nilerules101 says:


  12. JayN1nj4 says:

    You have the same theme as I do, bro!! Btw 5*5 on the video!

  13. iilonakh says:

    Breaking you habit with naughty lady

  14. juyuilh says:

    Strive Naughty women and sensation your life

  15. sicandmorfacbani says:

    Want to help the kids from somalia?and by the same time download a free game at your choice free from the appstore ? simply go to iphoneshare,org #OMG

  16. iphoneshareorg says:

    great games for free to download at iphoneshare,org #OMG i leave in a poor country, a simple click will help me feed my brothers from romania

  17. ZombieKill3R3000 says:

    how did you get that theme

  18. rockout102 says:

    wat is ur theme called

  19. zappyrangh20 says:

    Add me! I have many good paying jobs!
    Name: zappyrangh20
    I’m the royal dog!
    “Don’t just skip my name add me for the fame!”

  20. penguin4554 says:

    soundrop looks like a fun app, i’m going to get that one!

  21. onelasttitan says:

    hey great video man, hehe i liked the age of empires reference :)

  22. MrMotorcyclerider says:

    @yugiddd for what ipad?

  23. azuro197 says:

    Is it jailbroken?

  24. Kazzel22 says:

    @yugiddd I put links in the description to each app. I don’t know why you aren’t finding the games.

  25. yugiddd says:

    i cant find soundrop or we rule or anything :(!!!!

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