iPhone Games, Black Ops Zombies Official Gameplay

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iPhone Games, Black Ops Zombies

Just released, download Palringo and join [the giant project] and [zombies pro] to set games up. Only has Kino and Dead Ops for now, Ascension coming soon.
iPhone Games Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to iPhone Games, Black Ops Zombies Official Gameplay

  1. DerbyCountyRules1567 says:

    how do you record like that?

  2. Catwithretardissues says:

    All of u haters who the fuck cares about what the graphics look like ya i can say they are not wat u wuld expect but there good for being on a ipod and guess wat atleast the ipod can get new maps instead of the junk ass wii :)

  3. tukmutk says:

    if you want an app, any app, email me at jahn0301@yahoo.com and I’ll give you the app free and legit

  4. DavidAlvarezMusic says:

    Looks better then the wii, just the recorder can’t record in 720.

  5. lance1499 says:

    @ecisawsome ahem its a handheld and its looks ike the one on wii :D

  6. lance1499 says:

    @jacos456 lol

  7. ecisawsome says:

    Looks worse than a fucking wii.

  8. Mugetzubankai says:

    this works in iphone 3g :)?

  9. TheTrueGators15 says:

    @jaller32 shhhh

  10. jaller32 says:

    @TheTrueGators15 Display Recorder isnt a hack idiot

  11. TheTrueGators15 says:

    @billop100 hacks

  12. billop100 says:

    How do you record videos like that!!

  13. jacos456 says:

    Can someone let me use there app store account to get this game

  14. wilbursalazar says:

    Want this app for free?go to “app trailers” and write wilbursalazar for a free $15 iTunes gift card only for the month of December

  15. Tkoglitcher says:

    Go to app store and get app trailers, then go to invite people and invite me (matril) you will then recive points and work your way to a $10 iTunes card. If you invite I will also give you black ops zombies for free by giving you my apple id

  16. TheJarman93 says:

    Wtf did you record this with a Bead?

  17. reyelfather says:

    @jstn3311 i seen u in like 5 diffent videos asking gor 5 diffent games and in other videos u asks for account passwords and emails

  18. pbone771 says:

    If you want to see glitches for Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, go to my channel:)

  19. Potatohedd15 says:

    Download an app called apptrailers and put in the code zombieland and it will give you points to get a 10 dollars iTunes card

  20. Rorintosh says:

    @2609yannick Sorry, Rebooting it doesn’t help at all.

  21. Rorintosh says:

    @2609yannick I did that, it still crashes.

  22. 2609yannick says:

    @Rorintosh for 4G users just reboot your iDevice after installing the app. so first delete the app, then reinstall it via iTunes

  23. epicpeter321 says:

    @Rorintosh reboot the ipod then open the app happened to me too trust me

  24. stroz08 says:

    @16518ethan I KNOW SAME HERE! D:

  25. Kildazombies9 says:

    @minecraftz7z their on to us they fopun out run!!! lol u do no ur electronics good job but again to compact such a lage map is bravo :D

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