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Bounce On Game For Your iPhone

iPhone Games Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to iPhone Games, Bounce On

  1. birdsofafeather1990 says:

    me about it. The music for World 1 was better the first time. What do they say about something that aint broke? Don’t fix it!

  2. tomgunc says:

    I miss this music….the guys at Bounce On change it. Why change a good thing? Unreal!!

  3. undergroundnick says:


  4. Cyrus150 says:

    I’m sorry, but if this is called “bounce on”, shouldn’t the ball bounce? Instead of just jump and no bounce ? -.-

  5. apple000ipod000 says:

    I’ve finished the game it’s pretty hard :)

  6. TheCrazyfilmsinc says:

    i ordered bounce on 2 it is even cooler this just sucks in frick

  7. onixan94 says:

    this suck the ngage bounce is better

  8. dylan4tyler5 says:

    I can’t get to world two in the lite version

  9. xoxoponyhuntersxoxo says:

    i love this game im addicted

  10. kop4321 says:

    its awsome game but its too hard, stuck on the last lvls of world 2…

  11. shrint says:

    it hasn’t ended yet! he’s still updating it with new levels. :-/

  12. Mathijsweb says:

    But isn’t that a bit unfair to those poor developers that make those funny indygames? If you try them the illegal way it is more okay in my opinion. Packets like navigon I also downloaded, because I wanted to test it.

  13. BillyLoaf1 says:

    it is on my nokia 5800

  14. dondiego2802 says:

    the game is awesome…
    but the ending sucks…..

  15. HondaracerX360 says:

    jailbreak and go to appulous on your ipod, all games you have to pay for on the app store are free there. I have an ungodly amount of games and i haven’t paid a cent.

  16. Epicipods says:

    i love this game!!
    check out my review of it

  17. giggso says:

    this game is sooo addictive. i cant get off it

  18. landbamirum says:

    try level 1-17!

  19. Recru1t says:


  20. Bconnors93 says:

    how much is this? free?

  21. BanjoThreeie619 says:


  22. k0walsk says:

    If they made things more complicated this would have been great!

  23. 2much2teach says:

    hehe i used to have this on my old nokia

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