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>Morphs iPhone Game

Raise your pet morph and watch him evolve and learn new attacks and abilities. – Feed and clean your pet to make it loyal and love you. – Battle your friends in REAL TIME PVP. – Adventure to new parts of the island to find treasure and loot – Play mini games to help your morph grow more powerful! – Tons of morphs to discover and show off to your friends! * Beautifully animated art so you can interact with your pet! *
iPhone Games Rating: 4 / 5

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37 Responses to iPhone Games, Morphs

  1. livdawe says:

    unfortunately your wrong mate, i did that exact thing and got a complete different morph.

  2. pyroassasin says:

    “Monster Paradise” is much better game and getting really popular.
    It’s much more like pokemon and yugioh mixed.

    Use my invite code: iNYMMQv
    you will get special rewards to start with.
    Thanks and Good Luck!

  3. Biffo678 says:

    Easy get a firefly or turtle and feed it the other element. it morphs to what the highest element is. I hope this helps =D.

  4. theswaggking1 says:

    I want to know how to get a shadow morph, electric morph, and a wind morph, I got 4 morphs and ik the gems determine the evolution but what makes them turn into a electric, shadow, and wind morph?

  5. killmeifyoudare says:

    i got my third morph and it said only 2 morphs can be active at one time. The retire button is actually just an option for u to deactivate that morph so that u free up a space for the third morph u have. Its mainly for switching morphs if u have more than 2. Hope this helps

  6. karadanianoI says:

    when i enter the house there’s a “retire” option. what does that button do?

  7. GEL1233210 says:

    ill make a new walktrough

  8. GEL1233210 says:

    make your fire power and water power high

  9. maxridepro says:

    Is there anyway to change your morph’s nature? I accidentally made mine the water type but I want to get the turtle (fire gem + water). Help?

  10. joshuapyke459 says:

    until what level is the morphs??

  11. Skrollmon says:

    no not really,but you can play it online (for online battles with your friends).

  12. buster1ooo says:

    is this an online game?

  13. shemadeitforme says:

    Can anyone tell me how to make a boomkin for sure? I tried balancing the elements. And tried doing them one at a time.

  14. NickW253 says:

    add me on game center name is nick wilkerson


    4 cheats you need a jailbroken ios. my ipod touch is v5.1 so im downgrading it to 5.0.1

    if you do hav a jailbroken ios search up on youtube iap purchase hacks


    i bought a blue egg and fed it only aether crystals it turned into a dew. if you feed only aether crystals to a red egg it turns into a puff. i have no idea what a yellow egg turns into.

  17. Luke Crocker says:

    Whats the purpose of the different colors for the eggs?

  18. edgemaster41125 says:

    when u get small potions the are applyed
    when equiping rings go to screen u feed gems to ur morphs and click the small squear under ur morph and then click the ring u want to give it

  19. poffman2900 says:

    How do I use those little health potions. It keep saying I’m getting them, but I can’t heal my morphs.

  20. 1thezombieking says:

    Cheats anyone?

  21. 4ishpixie says:

    Anyone know how to equip a morph with a ring? Thank you.

  22. parkourpower97 says:

    Won’t let me play on iPod 2nd generation Any suggestions !!!!????:(((

  23. PeaSoupwithDietWater says:

    the one element you want to change the guy has to be like 2x greater than the element it is

  24. jweloveyou says:

    They need some cheats !!

  25. Sylumz says:

    Nope, there isn’t.

  26. UltimateGamers007 says:

    Tickle my nipples with a feather he’s Harry potter

  27. DiscoRULEZ says:

    2:11 Shit he’s Harry Potter !!!

  28. yakmajid says:

    btw thanks alot

  29. yakmajid says:

    that reminds me of ps2

  30. HaitianGlambert says:

    i have iPod Touch 2g and it works perfectly

  31. lucasistrolling says:

    Why the game isnt saving

  32. JamaaliDiehl says:

    HP7 Part 2 turned out to be jaw dropping! My friend and I just stumbled across it released online. We discovered it on watch harry potter. us (w/out the spaces)

  33. MadonnaHusbands says:

    Wonderful, My wife and I can’t believe Harry Potter 7 had been leaked out over the internet! Watch it now on watchharrypotter.us

  34. IldaiHarbin says:

    I cannot believe tht hp7 pt 2 has been leeaked so soon! My buddy and I found the movie on watchharrypotter. us.

  35. ninjago321 says:

    you sound like the joker for the batman youtube vid

  36. Looren94 says:

    Nice moustache! Uhm.. thanks for the video, i just bought it :D

  37. goldboyjr says:


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