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Mega Jump Game For Your iPhone and iPod Touch

Mega Jump takes jumping games to the next level. Take control of a cute little monster with sky-high ambitions and guide him on his adventure. You’ll jump, leap, bounce and rocket from the mossy surface of the Earth, through tree tops, above the horizon and clouds, past the moon in outer space, deep space and beyond! Along the way you’ll encounter a slew of obstacles and bad guys and also tons of powerups. Tired of doodle-ing around? Then start an epic journey with Mega Jump! Now available for the iPhone & iPod Touch!
iPod Touch Games Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to iPod Touch Games, Mega Jump

  1. TJboi98 says:

    I POD

  2. TheMaxhd says:

    Im trying to decide between the vita and the ipod but i dont want one of them just for gaming but for entertainment too like.fbook music and take it to school! Which should i get?

  3. cyberhero10 says:

    The reason I “avoided” onlive was simply because I had never used it before so i don’t know if it’s laggy, expensive, lame, etc. All i know is its cloud gaming that runs based on your internet speed. I highly doubt i will try onlive and judging the fact that you know TONS more about onlive if i say one flaw you’ll be able to just shoot it down and make me look stupid. So I’ll just say onlive is an exception since i dont know about it and highly doubt i will try it anytime soon.

  4. PerfectBlade20 says:

    Onlive is NOT mobile games, it streams full pc/console games to mac,pc and android, Im not arguing about graphics because that is so noob but onlive has way better graphics than the vita, because the games on it are PC GAMES on max settings, you have not said one flaw about onlive, you know it is much better than the vita, I’ll even show you a video that will tell you all about it

  5. PerfectBlade20 says:

    onlive is not mobile phone games it is full console games like saints row 3 that streams to pc,mac and android, you are avoiding the subject of onlive because you know it makes the vita look like a joke.

  6. PerfectBlade20 says:

    onlive is not mobile phone games it is full console games like saints row 3 that streams to pc,mac and android, you are avoiding the subject of onlive because you know it makes the vita look like a joke.

  7. PerfectBlade20 says:

    onlive is not mobile phone games it is full console games like saints row 3 that streams to pc,mac and android, you are avoiding the subject of onlive because you know it makes the vita look like a joke.

  8. cyberhero10 says:

    It in no way shape or form destroys the vita because the vita’s graphics and quality are still much better than anything mobile phones can offer. Even onlive. Its a shame we have to argue whether a DEDICATED GAMING CONSOLE is better for GAMES than a MOBILE PHONE! COME ON NOW! YOU KNOW THE 3DS AND VITA BEAT ANYTHING MOBILE PHONES OFFER. PERIOD!

  9. PerfectBlade20 says:

    um onlive has their own home console you know and a 7 inch android tablet with onlive with the onlive gamepad destroys the vita, I get full gaming buttons annd able to play console games, also mobiles are already as powerful as vita, ever heard of nvidia quad core tegra 3?

  10. AjMannpie says:

    can someone help me i cant get my 3ds to connect to the internet its litterally sitting right on top of my router and it wont find an access points

  11. cyberhero10 says:

    And the sony will never upgrade any portable and just stop with the vita and let apple pass them right? Come on now. You KNOW which is the real gaming console and you know even if onlive does what it claims, it still does not beat dedicated gaming console’s experiences. Put it whatever way you want and say whatever you want. DEDICATED HANDHLED CONSOLES WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER AT GAMING THAN MOBILE PHONES!

  12. PerfectBlade20 says:

    remember how ipod touch upgrades once a year, that means it will pass the vita just like how pc’s pass consoles. look at pc keyboard, not too great with gaming not bad, but you can use a controller, just like ipod touch. plus onlive might be coming to ios which lets you play full current pc games streamed over the internet, it’s already on android so I prefere that for now

  13. cyberhero10 says:

    The PC for handheld gaming? Yea I doubt it.  Have you seen the ps vita’s processor and gpu? It eats the ipod for breakfast. And the “quality” games you see on the ipod touch appstore are nothing compared to the 3ds and the vita. THe itouch was made to be a social media player. NOT A DEDICATED GAMING DEVICE. But don’t get me wrong the ipod touch is still an amazing device. It just does not beat dedicated gaming consoles in terms of the experience you get and the time and thought put into it.

  14. cyberhero10 says:

    You know you must really live up to your username if youre tying to tell me some glorified media player beats A DEDICATED HANDHELD device. Just because there are a few cheap little novelty games you play for a few minutes and get bored of. 1. Wouldn’t you rather have the 3ds take the hit for your battery life than your ipod touch of phone that you need for CALLING, texting etc. Secondly the games are more well thought out and more time is put into it. That is why it seems so expensive.

  15. SmashBro97 says:

    I bought both 3DS and iPod Touch. I kinda regret buying the 3DS though… Because the games and apps are getting ahead of the 3DS and most games are for kids anyway.

  16. Danny Pham says:

    Random person named 3vilConkkler213 on youtube suxx!

  17. VlCTINl says:

    so does ps vita and xbox360

  18. PerfectBlade20 says:

    it is a gaming device, otherwise apple would not be wasting money by putting in powerful processors and gpu’s I have been using the ipod touch for gaming since 2010 playing the quality games on the app store and so I know, plus apple is marketing it FOR gaming, it’s basicly the pc of handheld gaming,

  19. MrStupidhead1234 says:

    i got 3DS but don’t bother wasting ur money on it. ipod touch is the shit. it just needs 3D. btw 3DS is onlky good for little kids who would die for playing mario or sonic. Plus on eshop almost every single game there that is fun to play costs at least 6 bucks which sucks. ipod touch is the real deal with free apps like temple run, angry birds, jetpack joyride, etc etc etc. Plus you can call with the textfree and calling over wifi. thats the real real and best deal

  20. ilikeover9000pies says:

    but not as much as 3ds

  21. ilikeover9000pies says:

    The ipod touch is not a gaming device, it’s an mp3 player that can download apps and get on the internet. I like the ipod touch though.

  22. LeftyTaco says:

    3ds is cool but i like the ipod just a tad better :D

  23. PerfectBlade20 says:

    I like them both the same,people who think ipod touch is not a gaming device probaly think a stove is not for cooking, ipod touch is getting lots of great games,like nova 3,marvel vs capcom 2,gta 3,soul calibur, modern combat 3, minecraft ect, it has no buttons because 1.most ios games don’t support physical controls and 2.it makes the device ultra portable

  24. Jermell Howard says:

    good point.

  25. JoSilverNG says:

    so don’t turn the 3D on, DUH!

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