How to put games on the ipod classic

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This is a quick itunes video for how to put more games on the ipod classic,nano 5g 3g and 4g also works with ipod video (5g) 5.00 a game they are on itunes (pricy) also a exclusive of how to put audiobooks thanks for watching

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25 Responses to How to put games on the ipod classic

  1. 104awesomeperson says:

    @michiganhero still doesn’t work

  2. aumpatel2001 says:

    nice vid:)

  3. shahidiy says:

    @michiganhero  we have what version is yours

  4. Shock5598 says:


  5. brianegan3 says:

    doesn’t work in my country

  6. nushimal says:

    @babigirlslove13 what? I just went on itunes its still there

  7. RageSnipersgaming says:

    Good job explaining it man. Well done. Keep it up

  8. narutogurl2011 says:

    leave the poor guy alone.this video is from march duh his itunes isnt updated. fi yours is updated just search clickweelgames and it does work .
    no being mean to me i wasnt mean to you. and you probly dont know me so dont start stuff with the wrong person if it sounds mean im sorry ;)

  9. babigirlslove13 says:

    HEY EVERYONE!!!! iTUNES/APPLE HAS OFFICIALLY DISCONTINUED ALL CLICK-WHEEL GAMES SEPTEMBER 28th! They are gone and are not coming back. Please ‘Like’ this so it can go to the top of the list of comments and everyone can be informed. Please back-up your click-wheel games because if something happens to your iPod you will not be able to re-purchase the games. They are gone!! ‘like’ this please and inform everyone. Google it if you don’t believe me!

  10. AsianHideOut says:

    i thought they removed click wheel games?

  11. michiganhero says:

    @TheMoussie13 try to update itunes
    or try contacting apple thats all i can say right now i will try to find a better way

  12. michiganhero says:

    @dinurok try updating itunes or go and contact apple

  13. michiganhero says:

    @Coltcadetstrumpet1 Have you tried Updating ITUNES too the newest software update. If it doesnt work then try to contact apple

  14. michiganhero says:

    @oscarsanders07 Try Updating it to the newest update avalible. If Not working then go and contact apple or the people that worked on the ITUNES software.

  15. pungspark1337 says:

    You like sims? LOL. but thank you very much

  16. oscarsanders07 says:

    theres no arrow by apps store

  17. Coltcadetstrumpet1 says:

    Doesn’t work!

  18. dinurok says:

    my itunes does not have ipod click wheel games in the menu ‘app store’

  19. TheMoussie13 says:

    mine does not have that click wheel games ??

  20. palomo801 says:

    @Prince10101010 i know right

  21. nushimal says:

    @mileyloverxoxo2009 wait a while are you talking aboiut the video or the itunes

  22. TheNintendofan321 says:

    Apple rocks! and people are stupid nowdays saying that apple sucks

  23. meezyrmcrs4ever says:

    you:yahtzee that sounds gay

  24. mileyloverxoxo2009 says:

    It Wont Open In Australia! :(

  25. Prince10101010 says:

    there is no option like ipod wheel games

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