iPod Games, Chicken Balls

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iPod Games, Chicken Balls

Free your chicks and other captive farm animals from the evil alien invaders! Use the power of Farmageddon to unleash revenge on the dastardly aliens. Unlock hidden powers as you send our hero, Crash, through increasingly tougher levels and landscapes. An innovative mix of Angry Birds, Peggle, Pinball and Pachinko, this new game will set a new standard for over the top fun physics games.

iPod Games Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to iPod Games, Chicken Balls

  1. Cristiantooable says:

    why you are negro and japanese?

  2. Ipodcy101 says:

    Hey guys I make videos of Cydia,how to jailbreak,themes,sources,etc so far I have a few videos but I’m making 1 vid per day so check me out

  3. gennayro says:

    can u help me how to get the apps not on the homescreen?? thank you! :)

  4. tzmmyz9095 says:

    can u watch the vids without wifi on 3g ?

  5. GodlyLightning says:

    is anyone else the least bit curious on how to get cydia

  6. ResistenzaLibera says:

    thanks for this video!

  7. iPodRealz says:

    hey guys check my channel our and subscribe i will soon have reviews and things like cydia tweeks and apps for ipod or iphone 4g plzz subscribe itll help alot

  8. M93Ash says:

    how do you get the time and date to show on the header. I have been trying to get that done for a while

  9. nickrulz27 says:

    did anyone else hear that teste pop at 2:28 ahah

  10. ZombiezRule11 says:

    if i get 1 dis christmas im gonna jail break but not get installous

  11. DrummingMentality says:

    Yeah that’s true.

  12. DasQuark says:

    It only works for iPhone though. :S

  13. MrTimati1997 says:

    @Gwongata ohh I see LMFAO >=D

  14. Gwongsta says:

    oh okay cool lol good luck with that.

  15. mrhanover says:

    I’m excited :P i bought an itouch and thats why asked about the app

  16. Gwongsta says:

    Oh! i see it now. this video is pretty old thats why i forgot lol um it makes the GB’s in your iPhone recognizable as an USB drive on a computer.

  17. mrhanover says:

    ? its in your video thats why i asked!

  18. Gwongsta says:

    Oh okay. Thanks for the tip.

  19. Gwongsta says:

    At the time, I dont think yourtube was available. But I’m sure it actually is lol

  20. Gwongsta says:

    @iProOps LOL I didnt even notice this until you mentioned it XD

  21. Gwongsta says:

    no problem. Please subscribe if you can. Thanks. And if you have any video ideas you would like to see, just let me know. Thanks.

  22. Gwongsta says:

    Cool. Glad I could help I guess? lol

  23. Gwongsta says:

    Hmm.. I’m actually not familiar with the USB drive app. Could you possibly show me? That would be really helpful.

  24. Gwongsta says:

    Glad I could help. If you have any video ideas for something you wanna see, please let me know and I’d be happy to do it. Thanks.

  25. mmakid1980 says:

    great video thanks a lot

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