iPod Touch Game, Fairway Solitaire

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The Making of Fairway Solitaire

The Making of Fairway Solitaire

Making of Fairway Solitaire. Fairway Solitaire is an inventive solitaire game that incorporates a golf theme and virtual currency into a familiar card game and turns it into a one-of-a-kind strategic mobile experience.
iPod Touch Games Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Responses to iPod Touch Game, Fairway Solitaire

  1. requinremembers says:

    This is not “Fairway Solitaire”. That was the name of the far-superi
    or original. this is “Fairway”. How come BF can’t or won’t get that right?

  2. aagpa says:


  3. aagpa says:


  4. yubidubi says:

    Love Love Love this game!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LouGojira2 says:

    Been loving this game and seeing the behind-the-scenes about it is most welcome. Thank you! :)

  6. chinzebo says:

    YAHOOOOOO!! These geniuses are soooo much fuuun!! THANKS!!

  7. dry777 says:

    I Love this app! I play it for hours! I also found this other app that I love to play! Its called Contain FREE Trap the Balls. you should review it! and everyone should download it! Its a lot of fun and really addicting!

  8. blahblah179ify says:

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  9. UndockingGface says:

    I played the demo the game is awesome. P.S. great revew.

  10. TodaysFreeApps says:

    This app looks very cool! Great job on the review! :)

    -Todays Free Apps-

  11. MyCodAcc says:

    Want this game? Can’t afford it?
    Download “App Trailers” from the App Store
    Type in “offer2012″ in the bonus code to get a $10 iTunes giftcard

  12. thmrks99 says:

    1.download the “app trailers”app
    2.enter the code “thmrks” to receive a $10 itunes giftcard

  13. SWBF2PS2 says:


  14. thmrks99 says:

    I got this for free with a $10 gift card I got from the apptrailers app! You can get gift cards by getting points on the app by watching the videos on it. Enter the code thmrks to get a bunch of points when you get it!

  15. geflasht1 says:

    For PC its much better !

  16. charmingdude007 says:

    Go to appstore
    Download juno wallet
    Sign up and put the code CD186701
    Get the $25 itunes card

  17. elisha0and0zac says:

    Oh wow it’s the old one

  18. M0n3ySt34L3rs says:

    is this game iOS universal?

  19. aricept12 says:

    Step 1: download “apptrailers” in the app store, Step 2: type in bonus code “aricept”, Step 3: enjoy your free $10 itunes gift card!!!

  20. KFC5T says:

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  21. MyCodAcc says:

    ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐FREE iTUNES GIFTCARD
    Download “App Trailers” from the App Store
    Type in “offer2012″ in the bonus code to get $10 iTunes giftcard.

  22. ExtraEvilPranks says:

    This app rocks, especially since I got it for free from app trailers. If you enter the code “zjwflippers” you and I will both get 1,000 points ($1)

  23. Axes81 says:

    This guy sucks at this game

  24. MissPinkPantalones says:

    I cat give you a tip put the SUNflowers at the back and it gets dark soon so be redy

  25. DuhAsainGuy says:


  26. DuhAsainGuy says:

    lol what a newb

  27. RecoReviews says:


  28. thefusionfallmaster1 says:


  29. thefusionfallmaster1 says:

    Just like AvicHell said just get app trailer
    You save a lot of money

  30. hcashmore11 says:

    4:14 its a walnut!

  31. Nakrutas says:

    same thing i thought. its totally worth it..

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