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Bizango Blast Gameplay Trailer

Bizango Blast is a new game coming out on the iOS devices. Playable on the iPhone 3GS, iPad and iTouch 4. If you like physics based games you’ll love Bizango Blast, it’s fun yet challenging and has a quite a few surprises in store for you. Can you take control of the Bizango Cannon and help defend the Lonies from the Mysterious invaders in 5 different worlds and 50 levels?
iPod Touch Games Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to iPod Touch Games, Bizango Blast

  1. archerx15 says:

    Thanks man, the kind words mean a lot! I don’t let the haters get to me.

    If you want to make a game just find a simple concept and go for it! I used the 3D buzz video tutorials to get me started :)

  2. Hahame1000 says:

    Hey archerx don’t listen to any of those haters, tho this is a the of game I don’t like ( angry birds, that catapult flash game on armor games) I still think u’ve done a great job and creating a game isn’t easy, and then actually selling is a great acomplishment. so nice work :D ( I really want to Make a game sometime as well.

  3. lexluthornumber1 says:

    Hi archerx15,
    You know you can just remove all the comments by that arsehole Yande4546 and then block him or it from ever contributing to any of your videos again!
    Wankers like that make me sick when their contribution to the game industry is zero and they are normally talentless dis-functional weirdo’s with nothing better to do than troll videos of people going places.
    The demo was great in my opinion and I think you’re on the right track to becoming successful!
    Good luck….

  4. HappyKoalaProduction says:

    is this borderlands?

  5. buzinaocara says:

    You are baking lighting for the dynamic objects. Things fall apart, but still have the same shadows on top of themselves as if they were up. Looks prety wrong.

  6. archerx15 says:

    Thanks for all the great feedback! The update is out Is the aiming for you improved for you how are the slides now?

  7. archerx15 says:

    Thanks for the feed back, I have actually fixed those issues and the update is waiting for review now. I also added a delay for the slides so ipad2 users can see it better because of your tip :)

    I’m glad you’re enjoying it and download the update when it hits!

  8. archerx15 says:

    Have you played it?

  9. seeenoooh says:

    I would ask him whether he made a game actually before calling other’s shit? This game is not my type but still, releasing a game is an achievement per se. So yeah, Yande4546, you can safely fuck off.

  10. Yande4546 says:

    ok man. This game is just poorly done and for this engine. I do not believe that such tough game to make UE3

  11. archerx15 says:

    No need to be mean, it just makes other people thing less of you when you just insult with out being constructive. Telling me it’s shit doesn’t tell me why you don’t like it, in fact it doesn’t tell me anything at all so what was the point?

  12. Yande4546 says:

    Its shit.

  13. StrifeSilver says:

    Too many Angry Birds clones, i’ll pass

  14. Keyeszx48 says:

    3D angry birds. Looks like it’ll be fun

  15. agoraeufacovideos says:

    I dont how to do this (lol) but the results are just fine!!! you game will be a lot of fun!! that I can say!

  16. archerx15 says:

    Hey, actually there is no post process going since the mobile version doesn’t support it. The lines are actually geometry. It works like this, take your object, clone it, increase it’s scale and flip its normals. That is the basics of the technique.

  17. agoraeufacovideos says:

    did you use postprocess chain in udk to get this kind of graphics?! i am trying something similar in terms of looking but all I have until now is failure! (pardon for the bad english, is not my natural ). Anyway.. i think you game is a very good one for really!

  18. archerx15 says:

    Thanks, I think it’s because of the editing, I added the sound track after for sync issues, the levels music will be much different.

  19. archerx15 says:


  20. archerx15 says:

    That was a bit of my inspiration :)

  21. DelightningVFX says:

    3D Angry birds. Sweet.

  22. ninian1234 says:

    This looks awfully (hehehe) good, audio is a little weird maybe.

  23. HAIRYSN0WMAN says:

    It is nice to see different types of games coming from UDK.

  24. agoraeufacovideos says:

    good one!

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