Ms. Pac-Man iPod Game Review

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Macgirl give us her take on the Ms. Pac Man game for the iPod.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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21 Responses to Ms. Pac-Man iPod Game Review

  1. superfroman says:

    @slash873 I agree

  2. Daluigi207 says:

    Jesus, every review I SEE from YOU guys is 100% negative.

    I’m waiting for postive review, as EVERYTHING is negative so far.

    “cheaper then a time machine.”? Why are they acting as if Ms. Pac-Man arcade machines aren’t around anymore? =/

    Gah, it must be me. I better shut up….

  3. matthew1st says:

    if you keep your finger on the click wheel then you shouldn’t have a problem with it

  4. slash873 says:

    its no the controls that stops ms pacman from moving where you want her to shes just a bitch whos probly having her period lol

  5. christo930 says:

    The ipod touch is simply not a gaming platform, but when the icontroller comes out, it will be!

  6. wrkn258 says:

    i beat the game

  7. dojalvo says:

    @iSamsta :
    In order to go up without going to the menu, just slightly tap on the up menu button. You can also do it with the other 3 directions

  8. krackheadkola says:

    i have many games on my 5th gen ipod and i watched a lot of the reviews and i find they are not always accurate like i have ms pac man and it is very responsive and it works great and that goes for many of there reviews …

  9. iSamsta says:

    when i want to turn a corner upways, it goes to the menu, because in the way the iPod is titled it keeps doing that, can anyone help.. please.

  10. xXxflamingchickenxXx says:

    Cool, done. Thanks yo

  11. coldtamale says:

    I’d say “block breaker deluxe”
    Fun, great graphics, really colorful, easy to play, pretty good controls, you can get upgrades, nice theme and levels.
    Andd verrrry addictive :)

  12. xXxflamingchickenxXx says:

    alright people. Best game for the ipod? I got 6 dollars Im willing to blow. Please tell me why you chose what you did.

  13. jasiothemity says:

    I’m thinking monopoly because it has the most longevity, and if you like the board game, it’s a must.

  14. CorbinIsTheBest says:

    Should I get Monopoly, Zuma or Yahtzee?

  15. zonemad96 says:

    there are diffrent levals sound and other stuff

  16. Iowngw says:

    i dont see the point of buying ms pac man and pac man….. if i were to make a choice, i’d get the regular pac man. thx for the review

  17. SuperStagg1 says:

    im guessing your black

  18. someduderic says:

    Lil b swagg!

  19. VastedCouth says:

    Bumpy Road

  20. gaspar30 says:


  21. iPodHacks1 says:


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