Top 7 FREE Games of the Day for iPhone/iPod/iPad for July 23, 2011

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My picks for Best FREE Games of the Day for your iDevice of choice. ————————————- Follow me on Twitter: Facebook: Please note, these may only be FREE Today, July 23, 2011 and prices are subject to change at any time. CataGugl! – Nuts! – Knight’s Dash – Parashoot! – Celerity – Invisible Runner – Alien Escape – Futurama Head in a Jar –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Top 7 FREE Games of the Day for iPhone/iPod/iPad for July 23, 2011

  1. XJakerz13 says:

    @jojopettv hey jojo i really need your help yuo did a app review on FreeMusic how do i get the music i got to my itunes. because your vid is gone =[

  2. jojopetv says:

    @DarkSolidNinja Yah I have goofy laughs lol

  3. jojopetv says:

    @DarkSolidNinja As long as ya’lll are enjoying them, it’s worth it.

  4. DarkSolidNinja says:

    and of course, thank you very much for these :) I’m pretty sure it takes a lot of time on making these. Keep em’ coming! ^_^ Thanks again Jo!

  5. DarkSolidNinja says:

    Lmao at your laugh after the catagugl hits the spikes XD

  6. PacifisticAssassin says:

    I understand I can see how having to go to link after link copying and pasting would be hard. Sorry

  7. jojopetv says:

    @TheBadLuc LOL. I stopped doing it because people got too confused by it and thought they were paid apps.

  8. TheBadLuc says:

    Why there is not Regular price in video any more? I miss it :/ (so bad, that I have nightmares about this! Ok, it’s not so bad…)

  9. LordSamus1 says:

    ah the celeris would have been fun, its not free anymore. oh well just tetris lol

  10. 7natethegreat7 says:

    great apps, man. thank you for doing the top free games. all of them are awesome.

  11. MrHenrik02 says:

    @jojopetv Pls. tweet the Top 6/7/8 Game of the Day.. that would be better :)

  12. jojopetv says:

    @jojopetv Sorry, that sounded Snark, I wasn’t trying to be. I just don’t think ya’ll know how much time I spend making these.

  13. jojopetv says:

    @PacifisticAssassin may I suggest you click on that link and find out yourself? Cuz I already spend a lot of time on these. That’s a lot more work than you know.

  14. PacifisticAssassin says:

    May I suggest the megabyte count for the games you review or for the free ones?

  15. jojopetv says:

    @touchgameplay Yah, it’s nice to see a change in a game type like the overdone jumping game.

  16. touchgameplay says:

    Nuts! rockz. Had the chance playing it a few Weeks ago and it was worth every €.

  17. jojopetv says:

    @iguitardude2744 Thanks man. You don’t have to do that, don’t feel the need to. I’m in your box and that’s good enough for me.

  18. jojopetv says:

    @TR3V0R315 I don’t have a Wii, and I don’t usually like puzzle games but this was fun

  19. TR3V0R315 says:

    Celerity reminds me of Thruspace for the Wii.

  20. iguitardude2744 says:

    Great video, and thank you for the shout out! I will shout you out soon!

  21. jojopetv says:

    @CheapTrick021 glad you enjoyed the smexaaaryness ;) skizzle!!!

  22. CheapTrick021 says:

    Smexaaay stuff today bud. Always highly appreciated, the work you do. SKIZZLE$ MAN, l8s!

  23. jojopetv says:

    @JD9443 Yah I figured that’s what you were talking about. Jus wasn’t sure. I have a troll subscriber for sure

  24. JD9443 says:

    @jojopetv THere’s 1 dislike. So U C what I did thar. ^^

  25. jojopetv says:

    @JD9443 one person got blocked, what do you mean? Oh and thanks…but I always work hard on these vids

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