Top 7 FREE Games of the Day for iPhone/iPod/iPad for June 28, 2011

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My picks for Best FREE Games of the Day for your iDevice of choice. ————————————- Follow me on Twitter: Facebook: Please note, these may only be FREE Today, June 28, 2011 and prices are subject to change at any time. Golden Path – Fishing Joy – HD/ Anomaly – *Tiny Tower – Jump On: King Rupert Nightmare – *Ghost Ninja Zombie Beatdown – Earth Under Siege – *Denotes Favorite Games of the Day Bonus Game: Death Rally –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hey, sorry I’ve been a little slow on the videos, but my iPod had a little accident and had to be repaired (dropped in on concrete, got 3 long cracks in the screen). I APOLOGIZE FOR THE JUMPING VIDEO BUT I HAD TO CUT IT DOWN TO 10 MINUTES. Applications covered: ——————— Installer 3.1 – 00:44 Band – 1:10 Customize – 2:28 OrbLive – 3:10 iSlsk – 4:06 PocketTouch – 4:53 temper4iphone – 5:42 iPlot – 6:33 Raging Thunder – 7:46 KLores – 8:58 Outro – 9:45 Thanks to all the developers for making these videos possible with their amazing applications to showcase. And thanks to all the people who leave good comments on my videos, you are too few on Youtube.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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46 Responses to Top 7 FREE Games of the Day for iPhone/iPod/iPad for June 28, 2011

  1. ellaleao1234 says:

    Thats so funny the oart with the high voice

  2. XOmegaKittyX says:

    Skizzle! ^_^

  3. seadmaseadma says:

    hey earth under sige is ipad only dont forget

  4. jojopetv says:

    @ExTProDucTioNzZ Thx on both counts…skizzle!

  5. ExTProDucTioNzZ says:

    ur so funny and ur videos are cool definitely subscribe

  6. gadisha says:

    I love tiny tower! So easy to get tower bux :P

  7. LeFreakBizarre says:

    The Jump On: King Rupert Nightmare review was too funny!

  8. fenderguy0982 says:

    @jojopetv Touche, jojopetv.

  9. jojopetv says:

    @fenderguy0982 How do you know it’s not a brick and mortar redbox?

  10. fenderguy0982 says:

    Why do they have a video rental place in TinyTower? That’s pretty bad for business, Netflix and Redbox will definitely outsell them.

  11. jojopetv says:

    @JurreTong yah…it’s another Farmville

  12. jojopetv says:

    @MrTripsJ w00t….I was wondering who that would be

  13. MrTripsJ says:

    Thanks btw I’m ur 800th follower ;)

  14. JurreTong says:

    Awsome, I’m already addicted to Tiny Tower!

  15. jojopetv says:

    @MrTripsJ lol I’ve been on twitter a few years now lol. I put it in all my desciptions it’s @leeroyholmes

  16. MrTripsJ says:

    Btw u should get twitter jojo

  17. MrTripsJ says:

    Hey! :( btw I’m on my iPhone so it didn’t update fast

  18. jojopetv says:

    @MrTripsJ you were second LOL not fast enough!! you got beat by a girl

  19. jojopetv says:

    @mrrsvidding LOL it takes a minute to process to 480 lol

  20. MrTripsJ says:

    First JOJOJO ;) skizzle

  21. mrrsvidding says:

    240p for the win!

  22. baljinder299 says:

    motherfucker this is not ipod touch this ipod touch fucking china made it hasnt got nice gamaes

  23. BHOS1023 says:

    @nordik8 yur a noob

  24. WIIRULESMAN says:

    I don’t know if it’s too early for me to be nostalgic about 1.1.4, but still…

    –sent from my 4th generation iPod touch

  25. KaloCrazy97 says:


  26. BrianXD16 says:

    im getting me the ipod touch 1g soon what software is best on it

  27. Superbowserfreak11 says:

    how do you get that scratch thing on band?

  28. SchofeildServers says:


  29. Roelvvv says:

    which generation is it?

  30. 800Snowflake008 says:

    wow thats so bullshit the moocow music was free and had more stuff the one i bought when it first came out was 10 bucks and never had the dj and other stuff

  31. The101TV says:

    plzz can you help me get installer 3.1 (i have the old one)
    and the new customize plzz help.

  32. jn1551 says:

    i keep getting 403 forbidden thingy

  33. jkong12 says:

    Mayb u could make a tutorial on how 2 install these apps instead of makin a showcase to make us jealous… cause i am lol

  34. darksquirrel409 says:

    It’s probably jailbroken

  35. 34singh says:

    nice video man great

  36. 34singh says:

    how did u make ur bac round when u entied the ipod plz let me no

  37. JosheLopez says:

    can u gift me the sources ?

  38. amandepp says:

    hey foslock,

    i’ve 1.1.4 broken with Ziphone. I dunno how to install ipa/app applications, I even dragged and dropped KLores into applications folder(using DiskAid). But game hangs on startup. what am i doing woring?>

  39. qazzmaster says:

    Where did you get Klores?

  40. Westpal says:

    jailbreak ;)

  41. rickygomzback says:

    why do ppl ahacked ther ipod

  42. annanguyen209 says:

    how do you put the background when ur on the ipod? i can only get it on the front when u have to unlock it.
    can you help me please?

  43. SonicChaosControl says:

    ps: can you get like Halo for one of these

  44. ShadowX6306 says:

    I’m getting a 2nd generation 16GB iPod Touch for Christmas, could you tell me how to get these apps on the iPod after I jailbreak it? I know how to jailbreak in general, but I’m not sure how to apply these apps and where to find them.

  45. haterallday says:

    lol a graphing calculator. This thing has everything!

  46. zenrklG says:

    i can not open customize can you help mi

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