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My picks for Best FREE Games of the Day. ———————————– Follow me on Twitter: and Facebook: Star Blitz – Kung Fu Penguin – Wire Way – Death Runner – Doodle vs. Brute: World Domination –
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29 Responses to top paid iphone/ipod games

  1. MegaJonah11 says:

    @missgirls4u check out my bmx vid

  2. MegaJonah11 says:

    @BnyHajrTubE check out my bmx vid

  3. BnyHajrTubE says:


  4. missgirls4u says:

    make some more

  5. KerrySteele10234 says:

    The iPhone 5 is now being tested, Sign up to be an iPhone 5 tester now… Here:

  6. skropik2 says:

    iphone have the best games for mobiles ;]

  7. TheBanned0ne says:

    Add me on facebook so we can star blitz. Name is jeroen lieverse

  8. karong83 says:

    this is my ipad/iphone/ipod games collection to download /watch?v=k4BQXA3tnE0

  9. rushaun21 says:

    add me: GRIIM3ZZPR00F-X
    im not sure if cap-lock matters but if it does then its :
    lv:forty sumin on gun bros w/the strongest type pf armor and decent guns
    star blitz im lvl 20 sumin atm and im pretty good with ma weapoms and ive got eternity warrior

  10. pianist7137 says:

    Add me Game Center! > Pianist7137

  11. EpICRage1995 says:

    Add EpIC_Gun_King i’m quite strong

  12. unpesky1 says:

    @jojopet awesome :D

  13. jojopet says:

    @unpesky1 why because I like to add my own? LOL

  14. unpesky1 says:

    @stellasactions i lol’d when he said ‘its got great sound effects’ ><

  15. jojopet says:

    @stellasactions I think that honor belongs to Toby Turner, but thanks. Ya’ll wanna watch some Halo Reach Commentary?

  16. stellasactions says:

    You are the best commentator you should commentate on xbox games or ps3 games

  17. jojopet says:

    @hsglegoman Yes, but it was free the date I posted the video, which is in the title of the vid. Sometimes the games are still FREE days later, sometimes not.

  18. hsglegoman says:

    wire way is 99 cents not free

  19. jojopet says:

    @getaway1997 They’re usually only FREE the day I make the vids, you have to look at the date in the title. Sometimes they’ll still be free, but not often

  20. getaway1997 says:

    @jojopet I just started downloading them and some are not free any more :( the games that arent free are virus splash, catapult madness, and wire way. thank goodness that zombie cows is free i crossed my fingers hoping it was free lol. thank you sooo much for your epic vids. cant wait utnil tommorows vid.

  21. jojopet says:

    @leninja2 Thanks man, I’m glad you’re liking them

  22. jojopet says:

    @getaway1997 Well hopefully you’re downloading them all into your iTunes so they’re FREE for download when you get your iPod. Glad you like the vids. I’m never looking forward to the next vid because I never know what kind of games are waiting for me to find for FREE, it’s all up to the whim of the developers out there. So cross your fingers, tonight the search begins :)

  23. getaway1997 says:

    I have been watching a ton of your top free app vids and i am making a list of apps to get for my ipod touch when i get it i should be getting it soon it will be a 32gb and at the rate ur making these epic videos and the length of my list that 32gb will turn into 1 Extremely great vids i subscribed and looking forward to saturdays vid.

  24. leninja2 says:

    cool video all of your games are awsome

  25. leninja2 says:

    cool video

  26. JD9443 says:

    @jojopet Yeah I read on that, I feel bad for them it’s seems like a waste of money now.

  27. jojopet says:

    @KMZgaming If you’re referring to my country accent, lol I’ve noticed it coming out more and more during the videos. Thanks

  28. jojopet says:

    @sammil120 It’s the full version of the original game. The DLC they are charging for. The original price of this game was $4.99, so yah it’s FREE, not the lite version. Even if it were the Lite version, I wouldn’t care, it’s fun as heck.

  29. jojopet says:

    @Xesper24 Sorriez :(

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