Yugioh Cards For Sale + More (Xbox 360, Ipod, Games)

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19 Responses to Yugioh Cards For Sale + More (Xbox 360, Ipod, Games)

  1. YugiohNeeko says:

    @aznbboi1 yes

  2. aznbboi1 says:

    Still have mw2?

  3. YugiohNeeko says:

    @TheSkillet42 $35

  4. TheSkillet42 says:

    howmuch forthe modern warfare 2 and valkryie of the nordic

  5. Lief8920 says:

    I want the xbox 360 FaceTime:liefalan@hotmail.com same for email respond to this comment.

  6. zhiyong125 says:

    yugioh is popular in which country?

  7. jordannikesshoeguy says:

    let me know on the xbox games

  8. YouTheStrawberry says:

    I whould trade my cards on my channel for the 360

  9. eduardogk13 says:

    K but here’s my email address so we can talk bout it eduardogamez1@hotmail.com and its for facebook

  10. YugiohNeeko says:

    @eduardogk13 again just offer

  11. eduardogk13 says:

    How much would you sell the second,fourth and fifth one together

  12. YugiohNeeko says:

    @eduardogk13 pm me on youtube with an offer

  13. eduardogk13 says:

    What is your emailaddress so I can talk to you about it and how much do you want for all your cards

  14. eduardogk13 says:

    Do you know anyone or have any yugioh games for the regular xbox

  15. YugiohNeeko says:

    @MsPaquette PM me

  16. MsPaquette says:

    how much for everything, the xbox stuff games the whole package

  17. redph0nix says:

    u respond quickly i did

  18. YugiohNeeko says:

    @redph0nix pm me

  19. redph0nix says:

    hey dude are u trading ther ipod 2gb i really need it

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