Jailbreak iOS 5 b4 iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch

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Jailbreak iOS 5 b4 iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch

Jailbreak iOS 5 b4 iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch – Walk You Through How To Jailbreak iOS 5 Redsn0w 0.9.8b2 (Mac/Windows) & Written Instructions: bit.ly Click here for the iOS 5.0 b4 Jailbreak: www.youtube.com This is a tethered Jailbreak, click the link above to find out what that means.

Jailbreak App iPod Touch Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Jailbreak iOS 5 b4 iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch

  1. FrozenCriz117 says:

    idk what to do iOS 5 sounds cool and all but idk if i want to update since i jailbroke it ( i have 4.3.3 ) i will just wait for further info

  2. Karolyobl says:

    I have just unlocked my iphone now!

    Thanks to this site: jbnow․tk

    It’s very easy to do, thanks again!

  3. BrownNNerdy says:

    how do i upgrade my Iphone 3gs to ios 5

  4. TheoryXI says:

    not for ipad 2 right…

  5. jjohnmackk says:

    how do I remove the jailbreak without losing my beta?

  6. fotografiapasoapaso says:

    hi i need some help, i dont know what happened but i was on 4.3.3 and i jailbreak my 3gs with redsnow and a few problems on the way but i got it working on the end, afther about 3 reboots using redsnow to turn it back on my phone wen in to dfu mode i looked in to tinyumbrela to see wick shsh i have and a have 4.1– 4.3.5— 5.0b1 — 5.0b2— 5.0b3 and wont let me upgrade, downgrade or anithing black screen and dfu mode help

  7. Victoriathecupcake says:

    ima wait till it comes out then i will install cuz i want a better version that’s made by apple

  8. flawns says:

    What I’m concerned about is if iphone 5 (not ios 5) is JB’able, if not then I wont buy that iphone…. if iphone 5 can be JB, then i will purchase one

  9. flawns says:

    @tarequito188 why are you talking in all caps, and why are you being pessimistic? He wants to add some flavor to the video end of story; you don’t like it? then go else where

  10. AaRoNCcCs says:

    @jakeriver95 dude thats illegal.. and your making jailbreak community look bad

  11. jakeriver95 says:

    Message me if you’re interested in having your UDID activated, only $4 each or two UDID’s for $6 Will show screenshots as proof of being a developer, I have 97 slots so I can activate 97 iDevices. :)

  12. ytstar0002 says:

    Hey all Folks, My spouse and i have read through within a websites that this particular weblog: alturl (.) com/5syau could quite possibly giveaway the newest iPhone 5. Should We become involved?

  13. YourAppleGuru says:

    HEy guys, i just posted a video on how to earn Big bucks with a jailebroken ipod, with proof, check it out?

  14. BrownsSuckGoSteelers says:

    @tuckjaacke stfu

  15. tarequito188 says:


  16. MrTrickScope says:

    is 5 coming out after 4.3.4?

  17. Darkapple93 says:

    im sorry but you are a stupid kid, and a lazy one just show how to do it or shut up, and dont talk like u know everything when you dont, dont be lazy and post videos so you can get more money

  18. MrGskillz says:

    I have iOS 5 Beta 3 at my iPod Touch 4g, it’s jailbroken, and apps are crashing too much, really. :(

  19. OCReefer says:

    any way for me to untether my 3gs old bootrom after i did redsnow ios beta 3 jailbreak method?

  20. donfreezelli says:

    Download iOS 5 Beta 3 here – ios5beta (dot) net

  21. paulcantiller says:

    what’s the new features?

  22. azure401 says:

    God damn. The minute someone says iOS 5 a million other dicks say “I got it free with no dev account and it’s jailbroken” -.- fml.

  23. iCrackUriDevice says:

    @TheRedbullWings You’e welcome!

  24. TheRedbullWings says:

    thanks, i subbed

  25. snotnegger says:

    the guy is so clear on everything dude you should be a teacher !! mabye i’ll even get the shit they teach me in class

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