Android Need for Speed Shift

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Need for Speed Shift

Android Need for Speed Shift – PREVIEW version of Need for Speed Shift for Android. More improvements will be made to the app, so don’t judge it just yet.
Android Need for Speed Shift Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Android Need for Speed Shift

  1. ghfdjghjfdghkdfjghfd says:

    I got this game running on my samsung galaxy y hahaha

  2. dtrrider1 says:

    £0.10 / $0.10 on android market! Limited time only.

  3. Demo1233 says:

    Fucking hard game, when turning to left or right it looks like it’s a stone, that’s the most fucking crap game when talking about turning directions.

  4. TheAirBourne21 says:

    i wanna ask something,how much file size do you need at this game after you install it ?

  5. OMFGitsJeffX says:

    Ay i.heard when you buy this game EA starts charging you id it true?

  6. titanzeus says:

    how to install this in SD card? i install to my samsung mini. but the problem is my memory is low “manage your application”. but may sd card have 1.35gig free please help. :)

  7. MrDeuceify says:

    @myworld101 i get stuff like that on my Wilfire S all the time like 70% of the games who arent compatible run great…

  8. zeferinoalves1 says:

    So us sansumg qui não rodam jogos legais tipo alfha 5 e 6 need for speed tenho um sansung ace 2.3 não roda nenhu desses jogos pura merda

  9. joeldadude says:

    i had completed about 70% of the game in career mode..then i flashed my xperia with career has started from the beginning…i want the completed game file and plz say where to place it.

  10. Crimebuster21 says:

    LOL the girl is telling a guy how to play NFS SHIFT!


  11. xawzekz1337 says:

    Can i get thumbs up for no reason ?

  12. hershp says:

    @luckysidhu1986 yea but he drives better car than you tho

  13. abdalla5243305 says:

    guys is this free for my android os?

  14. luckysidhu1986 says:

    u drive like a real women in game too…

  15. tyrus244 says:

    lol she sounds like alex from gta 4 0.o

  16. myworld101 says:

    lol on the market it says the game is not compatible with N1 but it runs it really great.

  17. TimXgr91 says:

    works really smooth on ideos x5

  18. princze89 says:

    I got Mini, it really works, without any problem.

  19. SilaghiTiberiu says:

    works on Galaxy Mini #LOL

  20. missyluvscupcakes231 says:

    Nitro body button pls where is it

  21. ibm5155 says:

    Need for speed underground 1 have better graphics…

    Android need the nfsu1 for it

  22. HHoorryykkaa says:

    This game is free ? :D

  23. BrunoRodriguesSk8 says:


  24. MZuCraze says:

    @ribenawrath Thanks

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