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Paper Glider Crazy Copter returns in this new explosive 3D adventure

Prepare to race through the city and escape burning barns as you dodge dangerous enemies in your path! Max your speed, but control your steering! Dodge missiles and falling rocks as you navigate through the twisting caverns and raging infernos. You’re only safe when you touch down at the end of the level… There are THREE stages, that’s over 60 levels! ★ HOT SHOP ★ Upgrade your copter to fly and react faster! TRAINING – A simple copter, great for new pilots. PRO – A nimble copter, for an experienced pilot. SUPER – Race through the cave at as fast as you dare! CRAZY COPTER – Such speed has never been seen before… ★ USE BOOSTS ★ BADDIE BLASTER – Obliterate enemies with these twin rockets! BUBBLE SHIELD – Bounce along the level with this handy shield. STILL STUCK? If you get REALLY stuck, you can always skip a level! ★ CUSTOMIZE YOUR COPTER ★ There are 12 cool copters to choose from including a Flame, Pink, Tiger, Camo and Top Secret Copter.
Android Games Rating: 4 / 5

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