Angry Birds #14: WRONG WAY!!!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Angry Birds #14: WRONG WAY!!!

  1. mrrockmonkey1 says:

    i got an achievment for throwing a bird in the wrong direction 10 times

  2. Monkeychow3 says:

    I threw my bird backward SEVERAL times because I was trying to move the camera back. But sometimes, with the green boomerang birds, I throw them backwards, then use their ability to make them turn around and go forward really fast. Thumbs up so Dane will try it when he unlocks the green bird!

  3. weirdalrockz1111 says:


  4. weirdalrockz1111 says:

    113 times!!!

  5. Tsubasathe2nd says:

    ive thrown my bird backwards before! thumbs and bacon!!!!!

  6. Dragonoid9810 says:

    oops,meant 4:17,srry,THUMBS

  7. Dragonoid9810 says:

    you missed one at 4:27

  8. ledgendaryk says:

    @ytmonica1 week dude

  9. mobraizat says:

    i won an achivement for throwing 10 birds in the wrong direction!!!! gimme thumbs

  10. videogamehero1o0 says:


  11. videogamehero1o0 says:

    @mrsupercrazy21 I HAVE TOO!!!

  12. abselke says:

    I have thrown the bird the wrong way before

    Thumbs! ;D

  13. abselke says:

    I have thrown the bird the wrong way before

  14. ytmonica1 says:

    my nams joey its my bday next weak danbo [:

  15. LRiverStudios says:

    when you hit a pig with a mustache, yell Canadian Bacon!
    Thumbs so Dane can see!

  16. LRiverStudios says:

    I Threw Angry Birds in other directions.

  17. penguinclubcheat says:

    dane you took 5 minutes to beat that first level

  18. Ilovepie681 says:

    bacon is called bagon in china…

  19. MrEndlessinferno says:

    Gator balls it’s a real thing ok you can get it at brothers in broadripple

  20. shinigetsu789 says:

    bacon with bacon and a bacon and a bacon with pig

  21. raudelunas says:

    i have too multiple times may i have bacon thumbs?

  22. coralfan1 says:

    bacon with crack

  23. Ploopy1010 says:

    Bacon+Bacon = God + Danboe = Angry Birds = GEEZUS

    God Im so smart :3

  24. Littlebark1 says:

    I have thrown the birds the wrong way 11 times, because i have the IPod touch version of angry birds and there is a game center achevement for throwing 10 birds the wrong way! There is ACTUALLY an achevement for that XD

  25. Dillonsimpsonfan says:

    does daneboe do the voice of midget apple

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